The guide offers details about what is known as the Direct Recovery Services Scam which is causing concern to all of America.

The amount of scams online is rising quickly, and new Direct Recovery Scams are targeting large numbers of users in the United States. The victims are vulnerable to their scams due to the fact that they do not know the federal laws that shield the victims from scams like these.

Customers must be aware that they have the legal right to make an action and file a lawsuit against the company for their unsuitable services as well as Direct Recovery Services Scam. Direct Recovery Services is a debt collection agency and consumers must remain vigilant whenever they are associated with the company.

They call people and threatening them with debt collection.

What is Direct Recovery Services?

Direct Recovery Services is the third-party debt collection agency that is located in the United States. Direct Recovery Services has been receiving complaints from people accusing them of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This includes threats to do things are not legal, and the improper disclosure of information.

If you are also receiving calls from the agency for debt collection make sure you are aware of your rights before giving details or responding to calls.

About Direct Recovery Services Scam

The debt collection company, Direct Recovery Services, has been accused by numerous people of various allegations. Direct Recovery Services is accused of breaking the terms of the fair law on debt collection practices. They are accused of divulging details of consumers with other parties, as well as being accused of making improper contact with consumers.

Direct Recovery Services is also accused of threatening consumers with legal actions that aren’t legally allowed. Therefore, those who receive messages from this agency threatening to take legal action for Direct Recovery Service scam must be aware of their rights under the law before answering the call.

Do you think Direct Recovery Services Legit or Scam?

Direct Recovery Services is a legitimate debt collection agency that operates on a contingency-based basis. They provide all over the country debt collections. Direct Recovery Services receives a set percent of what they collect from consumers.

The debts that are recovered provide an increased percentage of contingency to the debt collectors and agencies. The cost of contingency is based on the amount of time since the debt was incurred. But, they aren’t legally able to call debt collectors.

If you are a victim of Direct Recovery Services Scam calls, you are entitled to the right to seek reimbursement of $1000 for infraction of FDCPA and $500 to $1500 for each caller.

User’s Reviews

Customers of the agency are extremely dissatisfied with the servicesthey receive, and have offered huge backlash on the internet for the phony calls. The agency has received a lot of negative reviews and complaints from users.

Now , the agency must prove its credibility again to rebuild trust in customers. The agency has been accused of a variety of accusations and threats.


Direct Recovery Services has received massive backlash from customers over their Direct Recovery Services Scam calls and threats that they received on behalf of DRS. Therefore, it is crucial to go through all reviews and complaints against the company to be aware of how to avoid debt collection scam in depth.

It is also essential to be familiar with federal laws to safeguard you from fraud. Additionally, be aware of the guidelines about the best way to guard yourself from scams.