Yes, you read that properly. You have a terrible relationship with your lash growth products! Yes, the one you cherish. The very same thing that makes your eyelashes incredibly longer, thicker, and darker also ages your eyelids too soon! It’s possible that you have the eyelashes of a teenager (they hope), but those lavish lashes are hiding a worrying and villainous loss of volume in your upper eyelid folds, thinning of your eyelids, discoloration brought on by the loss of ground substance in the eyelids, and even a completely altered iris color. The effects of employing lash growth treatments that include prostaglandin analogues can be apparent as soon as three months after starting use.

Never heard of this before? You are not by yourself. The FDA compels Allergan to disclose this information in the package insert and even express this in the fine print of their advertisements. The data is in the product label for all the top eyelash serums. However, how many individuals truly read the small print? Most likely, the package insert has never been examined by your attending doctor. If you bought your eyelash growth product online, it’s possible that you never ever discussed eyelash serum with a doctor. A pharma company detail person who calls on a prescribing doctor’s office is more likely to have an impact. Only corporate publications may be shared with them by the detailed person or drug agent.

Pictures of closed eyelids are the only ones used in research to gauge lash development. These photographs do not capture the volume reduction of the upper eyelids brought on by fat atrophy, which is only seen in photographs taken with the eyes open. The Allergan studies evaluate iris color using a rather imprecise method. The best evaluation is obtained by directly comparing high-magnification before-and-after iris color images. This approach was not used by Allergan in any of their research. According to one of the earliest articles on the best eyelash serums, the authors had other things like photographs of the eyes open before and after therapy, but ignored them.

Eye care products allow you to take care of the sensitive skin around your eyes. Eyelash serums are a popular part of the skincare routine since they help lashes look thicker and longer. When choosing an eyelash serum, there are several factors to think about. Experts have put together this list to help you decide which brand or product to buy based on your preferences and requirements. The best eyelash serums must be created with natural, organic, chemical-free, and gluten-free components. Being vegan, affordable, and cruelty-free are also essential considerations. One of the most efficient ways to have longer and thicker eyelashes is by using an eyelash enhancer serum that is affordable, effective, and without any side effects because the eyes are so sensitive that any chemical ingredients can cause harm to them.

A “post hoc,” or after the event, analysis is what that is. In comparison to far more extensive and objective glaucoma trials of bimatoprost, the active ingredient in the majority of eyelash serums, they had virtually little to notice regarding orbital atrophy or iris color change as a result of their decision. These papers, which are produced by employees of pharmaceutical companies, public relations companies, and paid physician consultants and contractors, are sadly not independently reviewed. The pieces are distributed in commercial online periodicals. 

To properly see how a paper could omit key observations, though, one must possess an extremely in-depth understanding of the literature. When is a study design a work designed to deceive and when is it an accident? Some of these medical professionals who operate as contractors have been paid well over a million dollars to complete this work and write the papers. Does that amount of money allow you to ignore possibly life-threatening complications? You must come to your own judgment regarding this.

Of course, it’s not all bad! There have been complaints about eyelash serums by customers and famous bloggers, but you can see the bright side too. Here is what is known so far regarding prostaglandin-based lash-growth products. They are based on an adverse reaction to prostaglandin glaucoma treatments. Early research on this new class of glaucoma meds revealed that they had some peculiar adverse effects but also significantly decreased intraocular pressure. One of them was that even short-term exposure—between 2 and 15 days—to these substances caused substantial growth in both eyelashes and underdeveloped hairs found surrounding the eyelid (lanugo hairs). 

This is a side effect if you are treating glaucoma, but if you are a pharmaceutical business looking for new markets, this side effect appears to be a brand-new treatment to aid patients with scant eyelash hair. These findings served as the inspiration for the finest eyelash serums whose ingredients were FDA-approved. Glaucoma researchers looking into this new class of lash growth drugs did not only notice eyelash growth as a side effect. The most frequent and extensively reported side effects are probably redness and inflammation of the eyelids and conjunctiva. When using bimatoprost, 50 to 60 percent of users have these side effects. When iris color photographs from before and after treatment are compared in meticulous investigations, up to 70% of eyes have increased iris pigmentation. Though assumed to be permanent, the change in iris color is typically minor.

An article on three patients who used bimatoprost for glaucoma and deepened the upper eyelid sulcus was submitted in 2004 by two doctors, Peplinski and Smith. These people were only utilizing the drop in one eye, which emphasized the difference brought on by the upper eyelid fold’s decrease in volume. In one instance, the outcome was evident after only six weeks of therapy. The name ” prostaglandin-associated periorbitopathy” was given by the authors. Although this was the initial report, the entity has since been verified and further described by many authors. All prostaglandin glaucoma drops cause a loss of volume in the upper orbit, but the eyelash serum drug bimatoprost has the most impact. 

According to studies, between 50 and 60 percent of people who use prostaglandin glaucoma drops will see a deepening of the upper eyelid sulcus. According to research, treatment interruption can sometimes, but not always, reverse the effects. This might be connected to the duration of medicine exposure to the tissues of the eyelids. We talked about the worst side effects of using eyelash serums, but women who suffer from thinning, age-related lash loss can encourage better-looking lashes using eyelash serums. You may also just use them to make your current lashes look better.

Lash serums operate by strengthening and nourishing your lashes using a variety of substances. Based on their primary constituents, they are often divided into two categories: formulated with a prostaglandin-based vitamin and peptide. Many lash serum treatments are generally regarded as safe and attempt to thicken and moisturize your eyelashes with peptides and other components. You might want to think twice before buying some products that use a synthetic form of prostaglandin, which are lipids produced from fatty acids found in our bodies and that have a hormone-like effect. 

These include:

  • Unwanted hair development on skin areas where the serum comes into contact with your lash line but not elsewhere.
  • reduced ocular pressure if the serum comes into contact with your eyes.
  • making bright eyes dark or blue eyes brown for good (though, so far, this side effect has only been observed in patients utilizing glaucoma drops).
  • Red, dry, or itchy eyes.
  • Weeping, swollen eyes
  • obstructed glands
  • Along the lash line and eyelid, the pigmentation of the dark or red skin changes.
  • Retinal swelling is rare.

Additionally, a component in serums made with prostaglandins may discolor your soft contact lenses. Now that you know all you should know, you should search and be careful which eyelash serum you choose. For more information, you can read about the best eyelash serums on our official site.