It is a well-known and frequently used method of marketing, email is a great way to keep your customers updated on any new developments on your website or business. 

Marketing agencies in Dubai and around the world are utilizing emails to reach out to customers with specific calls to actions and are quite successful in building an audience and actually getting conversions. There is however an array of email limits that, if crossed could be considered to be too much. 

This article will provide you with an idea of what is ideal for emailing customers. It also offers guidelines on how to stay within the word limit and character limit. By staying within the limit, you give yourself the benefit of knowing that your emails are being checked. 

Overstepping the limit, on the other hand, may adversely influence your clients to stop receiving or checking your emails.

Divide your email Marketing strategies into three elements: Segment, Simplify and send:

Segmenting is the process of separating your clients according to their browsing preferences and interests. Simple is the way in which you infuse your content with the level of a simple, easy-to-read, and enjoyable quantity.

The sending is the section where you will send an array of emails to separate lists, using the right and appropriate content. The purpose of segmenting is to ensure that every client is happy with top-quality and personalized emails. This can be a factor in making them want to buy quickly.

Create various types of emails.

This will ensure that your client will open your emails often. The variety will also keep them interested in your offerings, thus increasing the number of purchases. The emails you send should be in a sequential manner to encourage readers to purchase and read.

The order to follow is as follows: Announcement, Notification, and last Chance.

This is applicable to sales emails in which you first inform the public about the sale and the items that will be discounted. Then, remind them about the sale scheduled to take place within the next few days. Then, when the sale begins and the sale is over, send them a last email that informs them on how much time is remaining. 

This method is a must to send only three to four emails . This can be beneficial in terms of the amount of sales.

Follow-up to the Analytics and Statistics:

The ability to tie your website or business to a transparent result for business will make your figures more trustworthy. If you are relying on “Open and Clicks” it is possible that you will not receive precise results because the frequency at which the email is opened doesn’t accurately reflect the precise number of clicks. 

Your analytics, however, will provide more accurate information of how your emails influence the amount of purchases made.

Be safe when you send emails. Learn the importance of emailing:

Some customers won’t open your emails, there’s no doubt about it but a few will, and that’s exactly the reason you should send out emails. They are much superior to what you think they are. They can help you as a businessperson to create a steady stream of customers . 

You can even build an inventory of your regular customers who check your emails at regular intervals and then visit your website to buy products following the reading of the emails.

The last tip, that’s less practical , but more about earning the trust of your customers is to consider their perspective. Think about how often do you want to be reminded of something in particular? What kind of emails and posts will convince you to make a purchase? Does informative content influence your choice? If you believe that your strategy answers all these questions and ticking each box then you will be on the right track.

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