Cooperation with SEO/SEM agencies is becoming a standard since marking the company’s online presence has never been that challenging. When will each service be helpful? Do you need to invest in both forms of support to build a bigger audience?

There are quite some marketing methods you can use in order to attract new clients – most companies combine a few of them to make sure that their actions will bring tangible results. However, when you have a limited budget, you may search for a way to cut them down while still increasing your traffic. See how to do that!

Should you focus on search engine marketing and optimization or social media marketing?

There is no proven formula for success when your funds are limited – the effects of your marketing activities depend on many factors, from the industry’s specifics to the current situation on the market. When on a budget, most young companies focus on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. 

The marketing campaigns in social media can be very effective too, but with the tools like Google Ads, you can access a much broader audience. Another thing is that in the case of SEM, the quality and relevance always go first since it influences the user’s experience with the search engine. Social media don’t pay much importance to this aspect, often focusing on making the advertisers pay as much as possible. 

SEO vs. SEM – what are the differences?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term used to categorize the actions that lead to the increase of organic traffic. They can adopt various forms, including link building process and optimization of the website content with the appropriate keywords. The specialist assigned to SEO monitors the traffic and optimizes the content plan and website structure using digital analytics skills and the updated insight on search engine bots. Search engine marketing (SEM), on the other hand, is based on paid campaigns. The ads are displayed in Google Search or on websites.

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Which strategy should you choose – SEO or SEM?

The SEO SEM actions are often planned together to bring satisfactory results within a short time frame. We recommend choosing this path since it can provide you with the traffic on the website both short term and long term. The SEM is very efficient, but once the campaign is over, the influx of audience finishes too. Implementing the SEO strategy takes more time, but its results stay. 

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