Escape room tips are difficult to get! The proprietors are quite secretive about solving escape room problems. If you are reading this, however, it implies that a friend, relative, or other species has introduced you to the awesomeness of escape rooms! Let us assume that you wish to cultivate your newly discovered passion and perhaps develop it into a talent. Today is your lucky day, my friend! We are here to share the most essential escape room tips on the market, which we believe will help you and your group break records in your favourite escape rooms!

Communication is critical!

If you’re looking for fun things to do for birthday this year, escape rooms can be the options. But what is the most important thing that is needed to conquer the escape rooms? Communication! Communication is likely the single most critical piece of advice someone could provide for an escape room visit. What form of contact, however, is necessary to maximise your chances of escaping? If you discover something inside an escape room, regardless of how little you believe it to be, you must inform the group.

Keep track of what you’ve discovered so you can return to it later. Never keep your thoughts a secret from others. This is a matter of confidence. If you have an idea, speak it out, and do so with clarity and assurance. If someone on your team tells you that your idea is incorrect or irrelevant to the game, be sure to inform them that 95% of the time, groups fail to escape because someone in the group keeps telling everyone that their idea is incorrect or irrelevant. Nine times out of 10, the individual who is reluctant to speak up has the best suggestion.

Perform an internal inventory!

As soon as the timer begins, make a mad sprint to mentally count the number of locks in the room. In addition, are there locks with 3, 4, or 5 digits in the room? Is there a letter lock or a directional lock in the room?Do you have any drawers, doors, cabinets, or chests that don’t have locks but won’t open?Another colossal error made by groups is not attempting the figured-out code on every lock. Either they do not see the lock, or they believe it has already been attempted, so they move on. This takes me to my next recommendation concerning locks. Do not assume that your partner has already attempted the combo! Frequently, a member of the group does not know how to properly align the lock. In addition, many organisations enter the right code but do not pull on the lock, wasting valuable time! Always double-check the work of your teammates.

Employ the clues!

First, let us state that fleeing in less than 5 minutes is nearly impossible. We will want to add that while it is admirable for a group to be confident, being prideful and stubborn is an entirely different matter. Part of the staff’s role is to assist your group if you become stuck on a puzzle, as they are hired to help create an entertaining and interesting experience for every group that goes through the door. However, the staff will not provide a hint until a member of the group specifically requests one. If you are stuck on a puzzle and time is passing quickly, there is likely much more to see, and we want you to experience as much as possible before time expires. Get your ego out of the way and ask for the hint!You will not be sorry, and there are additional puzzles to solve. Once, a group stated that they did not want any hints. 

As any good business owner would, we advised against it, but you are welcome to try it. This group was stuck on the first puzzle, and the leader refused to ask for a hint for an hour! This is the perfect way to destroy a potentially enjoyable event. After your group has completed a few escape rooms, a no-clue strategy is acceptable if you believe they are capable. However, as a newbie, the worst error you can make in an escape room is to walk in and refuse to accept a hint when you are stuck.

Be Organized!

Have you ever had a roommate or boyfriend/girlfriend who consistently misplaced their car keys? Perhaps that’s you! We can tell you categorically that it is me right now! Regardless, staying organised during your visit to the escape room will help your group succeed. Sort the stuff you’ve discovered into two categories: solved and unsolved. Keep your keys organised by used and unused. I guarantee that your escape rate will greatly rise if you follow my easy advice. We can’t tell you how many times groups have forgotten about an unsolved item they placed underneath a previously solved item. Out of sight, out of mind is a highly accurate proverb in the escape room industry; thus, keep all unused puzzles in plain view at all times. You’d be surprised to know that escape rooms are so effective that many school use these as their team building activities for students to make them more organised and compatible with each other.

The Bottom Line

We hope this post has provided you with some helpful advice on how to successfully escape the subject you have chosen. Remember that the escape room industry is all about enjoyment. We are here to entertain you, reunite you with your loved ones, and strengthen your company’s tie. The digital age has severed our social connections with the outer world. It is time to regain some of the sociability that resides inside each of us and yearns to be expressed. To have friends, to be heard, to communicate, and to be comprehended Acceptance into a group is acceptable and healthy. Participate in a team-based escape room experience rather than doing it alone.