Power washing can use up to 240 gallons per hour. That’s equivalent to 3 bathtubs full of water.

Not only does this waste a lot of water, but it can also cause damage to the structure and trim of a home. Soft washing is a superior alternative to cleaning a house and has several unique benefits. If you want a clean, presentable home, ditch the power washer.

Here’s what soft washing can do for your home:

1. Great Looking Exterior

Soft wash systems use a combination of water, bleach, and other soaps to clean a house in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Dirt and grime don’t stand a chance, and even bacteria are destroyed by soft washing. This leaves the exterior of the house free and clear of contaminants.

Unlike pressure washing, soft washing services won’t cause damage to the outside of the house. There’s no high-pressure water impacting the wood or tiles of a home. If you want a safe, eco-friendly cleaning that leaves the exterior of your home pristine, you want soft washing.

2. Keep Away Pests

The combination of soaps and other cleaning chemicals makes it very hard for pests to withstand soft washing. By getting rid of the bacteria and other contaminants, you remove a food source and path that pests would use. Even scent trails left by ants are disrupted by soft washing.

Other pests, often larger, are drawn to dirt and grime as well as other filth. Removal of this filth prevents them from searching around your home or finding it interesting. You can remove the danger of pests finding your home attractive with a soft washing service.

This can also benefit your home if you’re into gardening. Slugs, flies, and other pests can be a real hassle if you don’t have proper cleaning done.

3. Longevity of the Home

Weather and the environment are always working against us when it comes to our homes. Whether you live in a moist, damp area or a hot and dry area, there’s always a threat. Mold, fungus, lichen, and other growth can come together and cause serious structural damage.

When you have a soft washing done, these threats get eliminated. They get removed in a gentle way so that any damage that does exist isn’t made worse. Even a roof, as durable as they are, should get washed from time to time, and it will last longer.

Keeping your house clean and prolonging the time it will last is a win-win for any homeowner. If you’re searching for a soft wash system, you should take a look at this service. Having professional help will mean the job gets done right, and it will be quick and efficient.

Soft Washing Is Superior

Soft washing a home doesn’t take long, and it causes less harm to the environment than power washing. Don’t waste water and electricity with an old, outdated method of cleaning. Get your home soft washed so that you can get back to enjoying your porch and yard.

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