Businesses are now more open to the idea of using reusable and sustainable products instead of plastic, disposable ones. Water bottles appear to be a staple offering for any restaurant, cafe, bar, or sporting event, as these areas typically require portable drinks. On the other hand, plastic water bottles are harmful to the environment.

For one thing, plastic bottles account for a significant portion of solid waste, with up to 85% of plastic bottles being discarded, including approximately 50 million bottles that are burned in an incinerator every day. Thus, landfills are overcrowded with plastic, bottles end up in our oceans, and waste incinerator fumes contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

So now you should say goodbye to plastic because we now understand the dangers this material poses to our health and the environment.

Instead of using plastic water bottles, consider using aluminum bottles for your business or event. Aluminum bottles are recyclable, sustainable, and as customizable as plastic bottles, but without the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of plastic waste.

Using aluminum instead of plastic has its benefits, and aluminum bottled water with custom labels can also be used as a marketing tool!

Why Should Aluminum Bottles Use In Business?

Portable bottles are walking billboards:

Portable Aluminum bottles are the best source of advertisement and make excellent walking advertisements when customers bring them on their travels, commutes, and other activities. Because aluminum bottles are reusable, customers may bring your branded bottle to gyms and jogging routes, increasing your advertising reach.

Everyone needs to drink water, and providing your own customized bottled water embeds your company and logo in the minds of potential customers, subliminally shifting their preference towards your brand rather than your competitors.

Chemicals are not leached from aluminum bottles:

As aluminum bottles do not leach harmful or toxic chemicals into the environment or your body. Whenever you drink water from an aluminum bottle, you drink pure, unaltered water sourced from mountain springs or mineral sources.

On the other hand, plastic bottles have been found to leach carcinogens into the liquids they hold, especially when heated.

Aluminum bottles can be customized:

Are you concerned about the appearance of aluminum bottles compared to plastic ones? Aluminum bottles are just as customizable and moldable as plastic bottles, and you can easily print your company or event logo on them to increase brand awareness and recognition.

Aluminum bottles can be recycled:

Aluminum is a metallic that is infinitely recyclable. The vast majority of aluminum produced is still used today. It is constantly recycled into various aluminum cooking foil, aluminum bottles, and aluminum trays for cooking and baking!

Aluminum bottles are long-lasting:

Glass bottles, like aluminum bottles, are alternatives to plastic bottles, but with glass, even a minor impact can destroy the material. On the other hand, aluminum, as a malleable metal, can retain liquids even when dented.

Aluminum bottles are long-lasting because they can withstand most blows, don’t melt as easily as plastic bottles, and be stored at freezing temperatures for ice-cold water. Aluminum, unlike plastic, does not leach harmful chemicals and can be used for both hot and cold drinks.