For some people, buying unnecessary items is an addiction out of their control. This happens especially when you constantly have an insatiable urge to add decorative pieces to your home or if you find going shopping therapeutic. This constant buying of items can become a serious concern, especially if you have a hoarding problem.

Having too many unnecessary items in your house causes clutter, making it difficult to find items when you need them. At the same time, clutter could cause pest infestation and ultimately unhealthy living surroundings. Most hoarders feel the need to continue keeping items they do not need because they feel disposal of items in good condition is a waste of money. The good news is that you can recycle items you no longer need. Curious to find out which items can be recycled?  Click here to see the items you can recycle easily in Austin. Other than recycling, there are other ways you can get rid of unwanted items in your house. Read on to find out.


Recycling unwanted items is among the best ways of getting rid of unwanted items in your house for many reasons. First, it helps prevent pollution and reduces the need for new materials. Secondly, recycling is the perfect way to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global climate changes with adverse consequences on the animal, human, and plant health. Plus, recycling unwanted items helps you sustain a better living environment for the future. Some of the things you can effortlessly recycle include:

Wood and Paper

Wood and paper are also part of the clutter that can distract and adversely interfere with the look of your house. While you can burn or throw them into the dust bins, wood can be helpful as firewood and carving, depending on its size. When put through machinery processing, wood can make wooden boards while paper can make cardboards.

Tech Gadgets and Plastic Items

Instead of throwing away tech gadgets, you can recycle them into valuable items at home or sell them to toymakers who would use parts of the electronics to make toys for kids. Likewise, instead of throwing away plastic utensils to your surroundings, take advantage of them by using them for feeding pets, or you can convert them into storage spaces.


While you may feel giving away unwanted, faded, and old items isn’t the best way to donate to help the less fortunate and the homeless, most of them don’t mind taking anything with open arms. You can choose to donate your clothes, utensils, and anything else you believe can still be helpful to others. Suppose you struggle with where to donate your unwanted items, visit children’s homes, the streets, especially if you live in big cities, or find donation stations. 

If you find it exciting and essential to give away your items more personally, you could join a charity organization and start dropping off unwanted items at people’s addresses. This way, you decide and choose who you want to donate to. Additionally, if you choose to donate to particular people and don’t want to join a charity organization, you can still give away unwanted items to donation pick-up services. Donation pick-up services go around designated homes accepting donations.

Posting Them for Sale Online

As much as you want to get rid of unwanted items that you no longer use or want in your house, you can opt to resell them as second-hand goods online and make some money from them. Things like bulky furniture and old appliances have a broad online market ready to buy antique pieces. Thanks to the internet, once you start selling your stuff online and gain considerable fans, shares, and conversions, your business can also turn into a famous online brand and begin receiving advertisements and influencer deals from other companies. 

So, consider creating an account on sites such as eBay or your website where you can post your unwanted items as second-hand items for anyone interested in buying. To attract more buyers, offer discounts and price your items fairly to sell faster. You can also offer free delivery services to entice buyers.

Selling Them via Consignment Shops

If selling online doesn’t work for you, you can sell your unwanted items to consignment shops. These shops sell second-hand antique and vintage items on behalf of the owner. Once your items are sold to the customers, you can give a small percentage of the selling price to the shop owner.