Plumbing is one of the most fundamental things in a house that affects the structural integrity of a house. More often than not, many homeowners are not concerned about where the water comes from, not where it all went, which is fine, so far all are working perfectly. But then, noticing a leak around your house should be a source of worry until you have it fixed by an affordable plumbing service from Houston.

Some leaks are hidden and will be surging up your monthly bill. Whenever you notice an increase in your utility bill, then you should know where to look. Below are five common types of plumbing leaks in your home. You can also get professional plumbing solutions from this renowned plumber near me.

Water Supply Leaks 

Now here is the biggest deal-breaker, water supply leaks caused more water waste than all other types of leaks combined. Homeowners are recommended to contact a water leak detection company in advance because leaks also damages your home’s worth and compromises its structural integrity. 

Water supply leaks are caused by the expansion of the pipes. During winter the water in the pipes is frozen which makes the pipes expand and may result in the bursting of the pipes, splitting of tubes, or failure of solder joints. When you hear the sound of water gushing or gurgling when it passes through the pipe, that indicates a problem in the supply link. Get a professional leak detection company in Miami to quickly look into the problem.

Toilet Leaks 

Your toilets may not be spilling water on the floor but may waste a tremendous amount of water into the sewer. Toilet leaks are among the top ways of wasting a large amount of water in the home. This is why it is the first place to check. 

Simply listen to see if the water is still running after you’ve flushed the toilet. This will indicate that the control is faulty and doesn’t regulate the water flows. Temporarily fix this by shutting off the water valve near the base of the toilet when it’s not in use and only turning it on when you need to flush the toilet. But, you will need the service of a plumber to fix this problem 

Faucet Leaks 

Another major source of water was in the home is faucet leaks. To check for leaks, simply walk around your home and try to listen for the drips of water. You can also get to know by inspecting if the faucet just finished dripping, such as looking at the basin for telltales of water. 

The problem may likely be a faulty faucet and you need the service of a professional plumber to check and fix the problem.

Drain Leaks 

The drains leading out of the shower and bathtub are one place susceptible to leaking over time and may go unnoticed for a very long time. The first section of pipes below the drain is a common source leak and if this goes unfixed over time, it will damage the structure of your property. 

You can detect this leak by inspecting the floor around the drain and checking if there are loose particles in the ceiling around the bathtub. You can also find this by checking loose tiles or flooring. Call on your professional plumber to have a go at your drains if you notice any of the following. 

Hose Leaks 

Outdoor hoses or irrigation systems may also be a source of leaks. For a hose, the leaks are quite easily detectable and can be fixed by changing the hold or the fixture. It only gets worse when the problem is from the irrigation system, this may be from the sprinkler head or the underground line. Get a professional plumber to have a check on this as soon as you detect soiled grounds at a particular place over time.