Seal damage is the most common reason for a malfunctioning cylinder on an office chair. These seals are designed to keep the required air pressure in the cylinder. If the seals fail, your chair may sink.

This is the best way to resolve this problem. First, remove the damaged cylinder. This is the most difficult part of replacing a cylinder.

We have prepared a step-by–step guide to help you remove the office chair cylinder. This guide will help you to understand the entire process and make it easy for yourself. Let’s get to the point without further delay.

Watch This:

It doesn’t have to be difficult to change the gas cylinder of an office chair. This video will help you to understand the steps and simplify the whole process.

The Tools You Need

Most office chair cylinders can be removed without requiring a lot of tools. These are the tools you will need to do this:

  • A wrench or a screwdriver
  • A rubber head hammer
  • WD-40
  • New cylinder

Steps to follow

These steps will help you remove the cylinder from your office chair.

1. Take out the seat

To prevent damage to the cushioning of the chair’s cushioning, lay a piece of cloth on the ground before you begin to work on it. Place the chair upside-down. Now, it is time to remove the seat from the base. You can loosen the screws using a wrench or a screwdriver, depending on which type they are.

2. Take out the cylinder

This is the most difficult part of the process. You need to be careful as you could damage other parts of your chair, making it useless. Make sure you inspect all parts of the chair thoroughly and become familiar with them.

First, remove the protective cover from the cylinder. Next, grab the top of the chair’s cylindrical. Continue to gently twist the chair’s cylinder until it comes free from its housing.

To remove the cylinder if you have any difficulties, use the rubber head hammer to tap on the mechanism.

Even if this doesn’t work , you can still use WD-40. Spray some on the area where the cylinder meets with the mechanism. Allow the liquid to reach the blockages of the mechanism by leaving the chair. You can try again using a hammer.

3. Installing the New Cylinder

The next step is to remove the cylinder and install the new one. This is the easiest step. Press the button to insert the cylinder in the chair’s base. Pay attention to the position of your cylinder. The cylinder should be straight, not tilted towards one side.

Attach the seat to the chair by tightening the screws. Now, put the chair upright and place it on your lap. This will allow them to properly attach. To check if the cylinder is functioning properly, pull the height adjustment lever.

You can now use your chair without any problems once it is back to its original state. To extend the life of your chair’s lifespan, adjust its height.

What to Consider when Buying a New Office chair Cylinder

We have covered the entire process of removing an office chair cylinder in this article. There is still one thing to do, however, and that is to buy a new cylinder. The chair doesn’t actually mention the size of the cylindrical. Therefore, it is important to measure the dimensions of the chair before ordering a new one.

Measure the length of the taper from the top to the bottom to determine the measurement. Don’t forget to include the piston rod when measuring. Next, measure the length of your chair’s piston rod from its bottom. We recommend that you get a universal-sized cylinder that will fit most office chairs.

You can now order the replacement by providing the measurement. A nearby shop may also sell replacement parts for office chairs. You should be careful about the quality of the cylinder you purchase.

It is vital as a poor-quality office chair cylinder will not last very long. A reputable supplier will provide a quality cylinder that will last for years.

Final Words

It is important to fully understand the workings of the cylinder before you attempt to remove it. It is best to get the help of someone who is skilled. Also, be sure to wear safety shoes and gloves while repairing your vehicle. It’s not difficult to remove the cylinder from your chair. However, you must be careful to avoid any damage to the chair. To ensure that your ergonomic chair and its cylindrical are in the best condition, follow these steps.