VPS (virtual private server) hosting is currently one of the most popular options for people who run businesses or websites. Buy windows vps sever hosting from forex vps new york for high frequency online trading business.

A VPS hosting is a reliable Forex trading platform. VPS hardware and location make currency trading faster, secure, and more accurate, which is essential for both manual and automated trading systems.

What exactly is Forex VPS Hosting? How does it work?

The main reason use Forex VPS is for forex trading. To manage and trade on Forex exchange markets, the industry’s standard advisors advise using a reliable network connection, server uptime, and trading software.

To promote 24-hour trading and reduce costs, best forex VPS hosting is purchased. Anywhere in the world can use this software. Additionally, pre-installed Forex trading programs like MT4 and MT5.

Utilize software to manage your broker trading accounts and analyze live streaming, selling prices, and charts.

You can get a cheap Forex VPS from web hosting providers like DedicatedCore and DomainRacer. They provide forex VPS hosting services at different prices.

Why Should You Use a VPS hosting for Forex Trading?

As was already mentioned, a best forex vps server trading is a type of server that shares a computer with other VPSs. Despite being on the same machine, they can all function separately from one another.

You are given a monthly allotment of RAM, and powerful SSD space. Your VPS provides more flexibility, security, and easiness and has its own dedicated power supply.

The following are the main benefits of a VPS over other, comparable trading machine solutions:

  1. Your data is safer on a VPS hosting
  2. VPS functions more quickly than shared hosting
  3. VPS server is a lot more dependable than PC or shared hosting
  4. Compared to your desktop or laptop PC, your data is safer on a VPS

If you’re serious about your trading, it’s worth considering purchasing a Forex VPS because it’s one of the things that could give you the edge you’re looking for.

DomainRacer and DedicatedCore offer Forex VPS hosting with a variety of features, including unlimited SSD storage space, faster speed connection, and a variety of security measures.

They also include a host of trading tools, such as an MT4 or MT5 trading platform, etc.

How to Setup a VPS for a Forex Trading Guide:

Setting up a VPS means positioning yourself for future success in your Forex trades. A faster and more efficient trade execution is guaranteed by the elimination of inconsistencies, delays, and security issues.

Some Forex VPSs already have MT4 configured. You can do it yourself with ease if that is not the option.

1. Sign-up with a forex VPS Service:

Signing up with a VPS service provider is the first step in configuring MT4 on a VPS. There are many service providers, like DomainRacer and DedicatedCore.

Your preferred operating system must be compatible with the VPS provider you choose.  With DedicatedCore VPS forex trading, you have access to all of the operating system options.

Benefits of using DedicatedCore Forex VPS Hosting:

  • You get a 4 gbps connection when using Windows VPS for forex trading.
  • Your data can be downloaded or received instantly.
  • You can access changing data in real-time with the smallest possible delay.
  • To protect your data, you will have access to pre-installed DDoS protection.
  • With RAID Technology included in the forex vps, you can secure your business.

2. Preliminary Steps

Windows always comes with Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) pre-installed.  Simply navigate to the Start menu or click the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of the window to get started.

If you type “remote desktop” into the “search bar” that appears, the RDC should appear.

Two fields will appear when you click it. There will be two fields that appear when you click it. One is designated “Computer,” where you can install the VPS IP address that your VPS service provider provided.

You should enter your password in the “Username” field, which is the other field. You can launch a VPS service by clicking the “Connect” icon.

3. Download MT4 and Install it:

The next step is to set up Metatrader on your Windows VPS. Frequently, your broker will supply the installer.

Before downloading and launching the installer, be sure to choose the appropriate platform.

To download MT4 and install it with DedicatedCore forex VPS hosting, you’ll need to log into your DedicatedCore account. Once you’re logged in, you will be able to download the MT4 software and the installation guide.

After you’ve downloaded the software, you’ll be able to follow the installation guide to install mt4 or mt5 trading platform on your VPS hosting.

4. Setup the EA on VPS

The procedure is simple. All you have to do is able to conform to the same instructions for installing MT4 to get started.

Visit the website or download the file containing your Expert Advisor. Then you can easily launch it. When you’ve finished, you can use a best vps for forex trading to begin automated trading.


In this article, we tried to explain how you can set up a VPS for forex trading and how to use a VPS for forex trading.

VPSs are most often used in forex trading for three purposes: to speed up trading, to improve security, and to broaden trading’s scope.

Overall, Forex VPS is a great choice for traders who must operate a server from a distance. It has a wide range of features and security precautions, and the suppliers typically offer a wide range of trading tools.

If you’re interested in buying VPS hosting for forex trading, you can choose between DomainRacer and DedicatedCore Forex VPS Server Hosting. Both are the best forex trading platforms on the market.

We hope this helps and best of luck with your trading journey!