We are working towards a new era where digital transformations are happening constantly. This has been highlighted especially with the point that between 2020 to 2024, large investments of $7.8 trillion in dollars by companies around the globe have been placed towards both new and advanced digital technologies. Improving operations and customer outcomes through improvements in the customer service area. 

Most leaders in tech about 69% have said their topmost reasoning for allocation of resources towards digital transformations is to be able to improve customer experiences. For example, one of the high-tech ISPs of the USA, CenturyLink customer service has fast and prompt customer service with 24/7 availability and other advanced benefits like having a well-rounded knowledge base.

Companies are taking up more modern tech and bringing advantage to the customer’s experiences, overall improving customer satisfaction that gains repeat purchase and loyalty from them. Thus, UX and UI have been taken over by storm and everyone just seems to be vested in this like for example live billboards.

Why Companies Are Investing in CX Tech Bundles

This article will be discussing some of the main CX challenges which companies are currently working on to solve, as well as how these challenges are being addressed using new digital solutions aimed at building out CX tech stacks.

Number 1: Speeding up customer service deliveries 

The main way customer service has changed during 2020 was the increased numbers of calls coming into the call centers. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of the biggest innovations in the field of customer services have been the development of AI-powered solutions aimed at automating the processes as well as AI-powered chatbots developed to make the information sharing process quicker.

Number 2: Supporting remote teams

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, more service teams have been working on a remote basis. This has led to companies recognizing the need to invest in specially developed solutions such as Stella Connect to allow remote CX teams to operate through unique challenges. For the foreseeable future, there is little expectation of the pandemic ending which furthers the need for developing best practices amongst the customer services employees using a specially developed management platform. These platforms help leaders in recognizing as well as rewarding the agents who are outperforming along with carrying out real-time coaching activities based on customer feedback, all while sitting in separate locations.

Number 3: Developing clear pictures of team performances

The Covid-19 pandemic has had some major impacts on customer expectation levels. A direct result of the pandemic has been that more than 50% of customers are now placing higher importance on customer service. This importance is being allocated through the entire process: from deciding which brand to do business with; all the way to the actual purchase as well as the after-sales experiences. It is based on these changes that many leading companies such as RevZilla, Yest, SmartPak, Earnin, and eBay’s Kijiji have collaborated with Stella Connect to be able to their real-time customer feedbacks along with Question & Answer tools. This feedback allows the firms to measure how their customer service teams are performing while allowing leaders to guide their employees on how to provide a better level of service.

Number 4: Monitoring KPI’s and understanding Voice of Customer

A lower level of customer services experience tends to result in serious consequences for critical customer outcomes including customer retention rates as well as lifetime value assigned to the brand. Additionally, poor service deliveries can also affect the company’s future customer acquisition effort while leading to a fall in the overall brand’s reputation.

Monitoring of the VoC 

This develops the brand’s ability to recognize and uncover issues such as those mentioned above, correct them within the given moment they have been recognized, while also preventing them from reoccurring going forward. Birchbox – an e-commerce giant – utilizes Stella Connect and uses the CX tools to make up for the customers actively, especially those who have reported negative feedback while using these reports as learning activities.

Staying Current

Just about 96% of all call centers have been focusing their efforts around a more comprehensive support system than the traditionally used telephone-only platform before. It is important to find ways to incorporate more communication options while also improving the current levels of support that are being provided. These two factors are important for developing a more effective infrastructure for customer services.

Predicting Customers Desires

Due to the expansion in technology, customers are now more informed than before: they rely heavily on reviews, social media as well as their personal experiences. There are four customer service aspects, which are desired the most:

Communication Options

The traditional phone number is no longer a good enough option: customers want to connect with businesses in a manner easy for them. Brands that have support in various communication platforms such as phones, emails, live chats, and social media are developing their offering to accommodate the different customers.

Reliable Self-help Systems

Many customers have been increasingly requesting companies to offer self-help platforms: in the form of FAQ pages, YouTube tutorials, and detailed reviews. However, 60% of customers feel like these platforms are still lacking.

Mobile Usability

By cashing in on the ease and convenience of using a mobile, brands allow customers the ease to raise concerns, file complaints, question or convey their experiences immediately to the brands. Proper handling of mobile customers is important in raising customer satisfaction levels.

Timely Responses

In this fast-paced world, the main drawback of slow responses is the loss of customers: most customers are not willing to hold for more than 10 minutes and expect an email reply in less than 24 hours. Not having these needs met results in the loss of a customer.

Ending Comments

Thus, companies are making these investments in the right directions. There are more ROI’s and better working around how adverts work to appease the customer not manipulate them.