The Japanese car market is one the most popular in today’s era and it is fasted growing as well. Japan exported 3.1 million cars globally in 2020. New Zealand imported 11,206 units in February 2021, increasing by 4,192 units from earlier of the same year. Japanese used cars in New Zealand are reliable, efficient, and performance-wise perfect. 

The Japanese cars have well-reputation around the globe. The main export of Japanese is their automobiles. They didn’t have a good past but certainly, the best future. There is more about shipping and importing regulations of New Zealand, we’ll discuss that in the next phase of your article. Let’s dive into it. 

What do you need to know about shipping? 

It usually takes up to 13 to 23 days when importing from Japan to New Zealand, the ship departs from Osaka, Kawasaki, and Nagoya and discharges at Auckland (23 days), Lyttleton, Christchurch (37 days), Wellington (30 days),and Nelson. 

Age Restriction in New Zealand 

New Zealand has some age restriction rules on cars. They should not be older than eight years if they are going to be on the roads- this is according to a new rule set by New Zealand authorities. Furthermore, if the car has some special interest, there can be exceptions to it. 


The Japanese used cars New Zealand must meet the government emission standards. There are several testing authorities, which make sure the vehicle is up to the policy of the government of New Zealand. 

Inspection of the Vehicles 

The Japanese used vehicles must be inspected before being used. Two main inspections are required to be done in Japan. The JEVIC and Quarantine service (MAF biosecurity). The slippage quality is determined through this testing, as it can contain Lymantria dispar, which is a risky species. 

The Requirement Documents for Importation of Japanese Vehicles

There are some major documents, which you must have with you if you want to import Japanese used vehicles or new ones. Let’s check them out. 

  • Permits for immigrants or copies of similar visas. 
  • Passport copy. 
  • Bill of landing. It should have the Odometer readings both at the time of export to NZ and import into NZ.
  • Marine insurance cost to NZ. 
  • Original invoices, FOB costs, and Freight costs. 
  • Custom client code application of NZ. 
  • Vehicle documentation such as license and ownership certificate. 

Entry Certificate to be carried out 

Entry certification must be carried out before the importation of Japanese used cars in New Zealand, to be driven on roads. It has the following process: – 

  • The verified and legal owner of the vehicle. 
  • To check whether your vehicle needs further certification to meet the safety requirements. 
  • Whether the vehicle meets the required emissions and frontal standard. 
  • The inspection of the car. 

In addition, if you are importing a car from Japan, you must provide the certificate that it meets all the conditions.

Most popular cars in NZ 

  1. Suzuki Swift 
  2. Nissan Note. 
  3. Toyota Allion. 
  4. Mazda Demio. 
  5. BMW 3 Series. 
  6. Toyota Vitz.