If you want to give more to charity and are struggling to do this in your day-to-day life, you should make sure that charitable giving forms a larger part of your budget. Then, here are some top tips that will allow you to better budget for your charitable giving in the year to come. 

  1. Choose Animal Adoption 

As well as helping animals to thrive in the wild and protecting their habitats for the future, one of the best elements of animal adoption is the fact that you can pay monthly to adopt the animal in question. You will usually only have to pay a few dollars a year to adopt an animal, and this will usually be taken automatically from your bank account by direct debit. Then, adopting an animal is a great way to give to charity without worrying about whether this will drain your bank account or not. You will also not have to remember to give a donation regularly. If this appeals to you, you should look at giraffe adoption, among other animals, to support the animals that you love in the wild. 

  1. Save Money 

Instead of simply donating when you feel like it, which can make your donations erratic and can make it harder to keep track of what you are donating, you should consider saving money each month to contribute directly to charity. This will ensure that you always have money to give. Then, you should decide on a set amount a month that you will donate to a charity of your choice, and you might even consider using a piggy bank or savings account to help you to do this effectively. You might even consider putting your savings into an ethical or charity savings account.

  1. Decide on How Much You Can Give 

You might feel like being generous when it comes to giving to charity, yet you might not be able to afford the generosity you have in mind. Then, it is much better to give what you can. Before you donate to charity, you should work out how much of your monthly income you can give to charity without suffering yourself, and you should make sure that this is only used for the charity that you have in mind. This will then allow you to donate what you can constantly. 

  1. Consider Non-Financial Donations 

Sometimes, you may not be able to afford to give much to charity, and you should not feel guilty about this. Instead, there are many other charitable ways that you can give. For instance, you might decide to volunteer at a local charity-run store, work at a local animal rescue, or help out at a local event or fair. You might also consider donating items that you have no use for anymore, such as clothing, books, or food, or you might simply consider sharing a charity’s appeals and campaigns on social media, as spreading the word can often be just as important as making a donation yourself.