Just Like People Can Get Dandruff, So Can Our Cats. If Your Cat Has White Flakes On His Fur, It’s Most Likely Dandruff. Although You Might Want To Ignore The Issue And Pretend It’s Cosmetic, Don’t. In Fact, It Is Very Important To Pay Attention To Dandruff, Because It May Indicate That Something Is Wrong With Us, And Cats Also Experience Flaking Of The Scalp, Also Known As Dandruff. If You Notice That Suddenly, White Dots Appear On Your Pet’s Coat Of Hair That Have The Texture Of Dead Skin When Touched, There Is No Doubt: Your Cat Has Dandruff. Dandruff Indicates That Your Pet’s Scalp Has Suddenly Become Much Drier, And Therefore, Those Annoying Little White Dots Have Appeared. In Addition, It Is Likely That You Will Notice That Your Pet Scratches Some Parts Of His Body More Frequently , Due To The Itchiness Caused By The Uncomfortable Dandruff.

Although It Is Not a Cat Skin Disorder Or A Serious Health Problem, It Should Be Noted That The Presence Of Dandruff On The Cat’s Skin Is Quite Annoying Because, Sometimes, The Skin Also Turns Red, The Animal Scratches Excessively, And They Can Serious Injuries Can Be Caused By Scratching So Insistently.

Why Does Your Cat Have Dandruff?

There Are Many Causes That Can Lead To The Appearance Of Dandruff In Cats, However, Among The Most Common Are, For Example: Obesity, Since Overweight Cats May Have Some Difficulty Grooming Themselves Normally.

Cats That Have An Inadequate Or Nutrient-Poor Diet Are Also Prone To Dandruff. This Is Especially The Case With Diets That Do Not Contain Taurine-Rich Cat Foods Or Sufficient Amounts Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Likewise, Cats That Live In Very Dry Environments With A Low Level Of Humidity Also Tend To Develop A Lot Of Dry Skin, Which Ends Up Causing The Appearance Of Dandruff. With Your Cat’s Health. Also, Cat Dander Can Trigger Allergic Responses In People, So Keeping It To A Minimum Is A Huge Win For Everyone

Treatment Against Dandruff In Cats

Currently We Can Find In Pet Stores A Multitude Of Shampoos And Lotions Specially Manufactured To Eliminate Cases Of Mild Dandruff, That Is, When The Cat Does Not Have Much Flaking Or Itching.

However, In Addition To Treating The Problem With A Specific Shampoo Or Lotion, It Is Advisable To Take The Cat To The Vet So That This Professional Can Find Out What Is The Reason That Has Triggered The Dandruff In The Animal, And Thus Be Able To Treat It.

If Your Cat Is Too Reluctant To Bathe At Home , You Can Try Passing Him A Cat Sanitary Wipe From Time To Time , With The Aim Of Always Keeping His Scalp Clean And Thus Removing The Flakes That Accumulate In His Hair.

Likewise, Daily Brushing Is A Fundamental Part Of The Treatment To Overcome Dandruff. Of Course, You Have To Take Into Account That The Skin Of The Cat With Dandruff Is Somewhat Irritated, So Brushing Should Be Soft.

Home Remedy For Dandruff In Cats

In Addition To Specific Shampoos And Lotions To Treat Cat Dandruff, There Are Also Many Other Remedies That Can Be Very Effective In This Regard. For Example, Try Giving Your Pet An Omega-3 Dietary Supplement , As This Provides Many Benefits To His Scalp And Coat.

Daily Brushing

Cats With Mild To Moderate Dandruff Can See Significant Improvement With Just Daily Brushing. Gently Massaging Them Can Also Help, As It Improves Blood Circulation, Which Promotes Healthy Skin And Hair. Some Cats Suffer From Dandruff Because They Can’t Wash Their Hair On Their Own, So Brushing May Be Enough To Get Rid Of Dandruff Completely.

How To Bathe Your Cat

Giving Your Cat A Regular Bath Can Improve Dandruff, Although This Doesn’t Always Work. Bathing Him Too Much With Regular Shampoo Can Dry Out His Skin. Look For A Shampoo Designed Specifically For Cats With Dandruff That Has Added Moisturizers Like Fish And Oat Oils To Help With The Condition.

Fish Oil Supplements

Dr. Amy Learn Of Hannover Veterinary Services Says She “Definitely Recommends Fish Oils For Cats With Dandruff.” You Can Find Fish Oil Supplements In Powder, Tablet, Or Liquid Formulations. You Can Also Add Fish Oil To Your Cat’s Diet By Pouring A Little Of The Liquid From A Can Of Tuna Into Her Food.

Skin Conditioners

Using A Skin Moisturizer Made For Cats Can Help Dry Cats, Another Root Cause Of Dandruff.

  • Olive Oil Is Another Skin Conditioner That Can Be Used For Cats With Dandruff. In Addition To Using It As A Supplement To Cat Food, You Can Heat Some Regular (Unflavored) Olive Oil And Massage It Gently Into Your Cat’s Skin. The Oil Shouldn’t Be Too Hot To Touch, It Should Be Warm Enough To Help It Penetrate The Cat’s Skin And Provide A Soothing Treat.
  • Another Type Of Cat Skin Conditioner Comes In A Spray Format .
  • Although Not Specifically Cat Dander Sprays, These Products Can Be Helpful For Dry, Irritated Skin. Talk To Your Groomer Or Vet To Find Out What Products They Recommend.

Change Of Diet

Some Cats On A Dry-Only Diet May See Improvement If You Add More Wet Food To Their Daily Diet. If You Already Use A Mix Of Wet And Dry Foods, Try Switching To A Wet Food Only Diet To See If That Has Any Effect On Dandruff. Another Option Is To Simply Change The Type Of Dry Food Your Cat Eats. Look For Good Quality Food That Has Been Supplemented With Supplements Designed To Promote Skin Health, Such As Fish Oil And Other Sources Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Diets That Are Higher In Protein And With More Protein Sources Of Quality Can Also Improve The Cat’s Skin.