Did you know that in 2016, there were 25 million baseball and softball players?

Between the two sports of baseball and softball, there is no downside to having a glove. Both sports require using a glove to catch or hit well.

Baseball and softball are easily the most exciting and personal sports, thanks to the many contests that frequently occur throughout a game. All players need a glove, but several different types of gloves are tailored specifically for each sport.

Read on to learn more about the difference between a baseball and softball glove, and decide which one is right for you.

The Materials

A baseball glove is thinner, more pliable leather than a softball glove. The stitching on a baseball glove is usually tighter and more uniform than on softball gloves.

The laces on a baseball glove are generally thinner and taper to a point, while the laces on a softball glove are thicker and more rounded.

The difference between the materials used to make a baseball glove and a softball glove is that a baseball is a much hard object than a softball.

The Size

A baseball glove is typically smaller than a softball glove. It is because a softball is more significant than a baseball. The size of the softball glove allows the player to have a better grip on the ball.

The baseball glove is also designed to be more comfortable for the player. If you are planning to buy gloves, see the list of options from The Baseball Diamond.


The webbing on a softball glove is much broader than on a baseball glove. It is because softballs are more significant than baseballs. Additionally, the webbing on a softball glove is typically not as deep as on a baseball glove.

Finally, the fingers on a softball glove are typically shorter than a baseball glove. It is because the softball is larger than the baseball, and thus the fingers need to be faster to grip the ball properly.

Softballs are not as hard as baseballs, so they do not require as much padding in the glove.

The Palm

A baseball glove is made of leather and is softer than a softball glove. The difference is that a baseball glove is a grip on the ball, and a softball glove catches the ball.

A baseball glove has a pocket in the palm that helps the player grip the ball. A softball glove has a palm that is flat to help the player catch the ball.


Softball gloves are designed for a round softball. The thumb of a softball glove is positioned differently than on a baseball glove. These positioning differences allow softball players to grip and control the softball easily.

A Guide to the Differences of a Baseball Glove and a Softball Glove

Baseball and softball gloves differ in size, shape, and webbing. Softball gloves have a deeper pocket and are designed for a softer ball. To choose the right glove for you, consider what position you will be playing and what type of ball you will use.

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