Did you know that the average American drives their vehicle an average of 15,000 miles per year and owns a car for an average of 12 years? Some American car owners hold their cars even beyond 200,000 miles on the odometer.

How is this possible? Well, if you learn how to maintain a car and use those techniques diligently every month, then you can very well own a car for hundreds of thousands of miles, without it breaking down. Keep reading for some car maintenance tips that you could use to extend the longevity of your vehicle. Also prefer mot in warrington that test checks and ensures that your vehicle meets acceptable environmental and road safety standards.

1. Get Regular Oil Changes

Your vehicle uses a bunch of different oils to ensure that it functions optimally. Some of these are transmission oil, engine oil, and differential oil. Make sure to get these oils checked and replaced regularly, so your vehicle doesn’t have to deal with dust, grit, or dirt in the oil, making it harder to lubricate the insides.

2. Have Your Cooling System Flushed Regularly

If you live in a place where it’s quite hot, you will want to make sure you check your coolant system regularly and get it flushed to ensure it’s functioning at its peak capacity.

3. Check and Change Your Brake Fluid

Try to be a calm and patient driver by not braking hard or accelerating jerkily. Also, check and change your brake fluid regularly, to ensure that your brakes are functioning well. 

4. Check Tire Pressure Weekly

Do you have to drive your vehicle on uneven, bumpy, or unpaved roads? Make sure to check your tire pressure consistently and refill your tires with air whenever you visit the gas station. This will ensure you use up less gas overall. 

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5. Wax Regularly

The frequency of waxing is a hotly debated topic, but anywhere from once every 6 months to a year should be good enough. This will protect your car’s paint job and also protect it from rusting and other cosmetic damage.

6. Protect Your Car from the Elements 

Don’t leave your car in harsh sunny or snowy conditions all day and night long. If you have a garage or a covered-up area, make sure to leave your car underneath such protected conditions whenever you can. This will protect your car from extreme cold and extreme heat – the two biggest culprits that ruin a car’s interior and exterior. 

How to Maintain a Car Well – Stay Consistent and Regular

When it comes to learning how to maintain a car well, the best advice would have to be consistency. There’s no point in doing car maintenance well for a few months and then ignoring your car for a few years to come. If you want to keep your current car for a long time to come, follow the tips laid out above.

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