Do you know that proper storage can help preserve the potency and quality of your CBD oil? CBD is a natural compound extracted from the hemp plant. It has a limited shelf-life, and after a specific time, it starts losing its potency and effectiveness. Proper CBD storage can allow you to enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabidiol oil for a longer time.

Whether you buy CBD oil from online stores, preserving the terpenes is essential for the product to last over time. The following lines shed light on CBD storage to enjoy its maximum benefits over a longer time. 

How to Store CBD Oil?

Knowing how to store your CBD oil for a longer shelf life can help you get maximum from your oil. The following factors play a crucial role in proper CBD storage.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Opening CBD tinctures means the active ingredients start degrading over time, and storing your oil in the right conditions can help you slow down this process.

The optimal storage for your oil and other products should be a dark, dry, and cold place, cannabinoids such as CBD last the longest in cold conditions.

Some people refrigerate CBD to preserve or slow down the degrading of its active ingredients. The low temperature inside the refrigerator extends CBD oil’s life by protecting its natural composition. An issue you may face with CBD oil refrigerator storage is oil may become too thick to dispense from the dropper; warming the bottle with a hairdryer can help address this problem.

A freezer is the coldest place in the house, but the question is, can you freeze CBD? CBD products can last the longest in your freezer. However, freezer storage is not suitable for everyday consumption; thawing your CBD every time before consumption would not be convenient.

Freezer storage is the best option when you need to preserve your products for an extended time. The CBD storage containers, refrigerator, and freezer help protect your products from direct sunlight.

  1. Avoid Heat Exposure

Heat can potentially ruin your gummies; therefore, it is crucial to keep your products safe from heat exposure. Keeping your oil away from heat-emitting appliances and sun heat is essential to help maintain the quality and consistency of CBD.

Therefore, the refrigerator is a suitable place to protect your stuff from heat and light; it keeps CBD oil in cold conditions while allowing easy CBD consumption. 

  1. Avoid Air Exposure

Air-like heat and light can also degrade CBD oil over time. Keeping cannabidiol products in an airtight container could prove your best bet.

Often, CBD products come in airtight containers designed to prevent air exposure. You can do a favor to yourself by keeping your CBD in the same packaging it came in for quality assurance.

After every use, tightly sealing the packaging may help prevent air from letting in.

Final Thoughts

When you choose CBD oil online or in stores, it is critical to ensure product quality and consistency. After the purchase, properly storing your oil helps keep its quality and potency intact over time. The above-listed tips can help preserve your CBD products, and you can enjoy their wellness effects till the last bit.