Every time Apple introduces new technology, it usually appears on the iPhone before moving on to the iPad. However, Apple’s 120Hz ProMotion display has long been an obvious exception to the rule. Originally featured as a feature on Apple iPad Pro models, a new video from the YouTube channel EverythingApple Pro reveals that advanced display technology will finally hit the iPhone with the launch of iPhone 12 later this year.

The displays on Apple’s iPhone 11 have a 60Hz refresh rate, so the updated display on iPhone 12 should allow for better response, smoother scrolling, and “smoother motion content.” The leak also claims that iPhone 12 Pro models will incorporate a variable update dynamic shift that will toggle between 60Hz and 120Hz depending on the environment of the use case.

The 120Hz ProMotion display is likely to be exclusive to the 6.1 and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro models, while the low-end 6.1 and 5.4-inch models will maintain the 60Hz refresh rate found in current iPhones. Additionally, all iPhone 12 models will feature OLED displays, which is worth noting given that the entry-level iPhone 11 was sold last year with an LCD display.

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The video also reveals that the battery capacity on the iPhone 12 Pro models will be 4,400 mAh to support the higher refresh rate and, of course, the inclusion of a 5G chipset. In contrast, the battery in the iPhone 11 Pro has a capacity of 3,046 mAh.

As for the other features of the iPhone 12, the video quotes Max Weinbach who reveals that the notch of the iPhone 12 will be significantly smaller than on previous models. In addition, Face ID on the iPhone 12 will incorporate a wider angle of use, which should make it easier to unlock your device from different angles.

Other features of the camera would have been developed, including better white balance on people’s faces and better photos in portrait mode thanks to the inclusion of a LiDAR sensor on the back. The telephoto lens of the iPhone 12 can also benefit from a 3x optical zoom as opposed to the 2x optical zoom of the iPhone 11 Pro. There have also been rumors that the iPhone 12 could include the ability to take videos in portrait mode.

And although you want to take that with a grain of salt, EverythingApple Pro adds that the naming scheme of Apple’s iPhone 12 will consist of a 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, an iPhone 12 Pro 6.1 inch, 6.1 inch iPhone 6.1 inch and 5.4 inch. entry-level iPhone 12 inches.

Regarding size, a previous report on the iPhone 12 version indicated that the new generation iPhone 12 Pro Max will be slightly larger and wider than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It will also have smaller glasses than its predecessor.

Some other parts of iPhone 12 are as follows: Navy Blue will replace Night Green and iPhone 12 will not include a Smart Connector.

That said, the main feature of the iPhone 12 will be its support for 5G. It remains to be seen whether this contributes to boosting iPhone sales, particularly regarding the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

On a related note, the iPhone 12 release schedule is still pending. Although iPhone versions generally drop in September, the coronavirus partially delayed the development process, and we’ve seen reports that the iPhone 12 version may be delayed until October or November.