In today’s health climate, many people wear masks that cover their faces when they go out, visit stores, and other tasks, and Apple iPhones that use Face ID don’t unlock when their face users are masked. by a mask.

With this in mind, in iOS 13.5 beta, Apple has streamlined the speed at which the passcode appears when a mask on the face is detected, making it easier to access an iPhone with a passcode when Face ID failed.

So when you slide your finger on the home screen to unlock the ‌‌iPhone‌‌, this action immediately brings up the password interface if your face is covered by a mask.

But until that version is widely available, here is a list of your other options.

Add an alternative look to Face ID?

Some users have tried to add an alternative look to Face ID, but with little success. Overall, it appears that while Face ID can learn to overcome items like hats, sunglasses, and scarves, the chances of this working for most masks are slim at best.

Even if you can get it to detect your masked face, this is likely to completely reduce system security.

Quickly access the password screen

If you are using an iOS version earlier than iOS 13.5, you can access the access code screen faster when you swipe up to unlock your ‌iPhone‌.

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Tap the face ID text in the center of the screen and you won’t have to wait for your face to scan and fail; The access code will be requested immediately.

Of course, the best way to use an ‌iPhone‌ with a mask is to simply disable Face ID completely and use a passcode. The following steps show you how to disable Face ID only to unlock your iPhone‌.

How to disable Face ID to unlock only

  1. Launch the Settings app on your PiPhone‌.
  2. Touch Face ID and access code.
  3. Enter your password when prompted.
  4. Under Use Face ID for, turn off the toggle next to ‌iPhone‌ Unlock, and any of the other listed use cases you don’t want to use Face ID with.

After completing the above steps, you will be able to unlock your ‌iPhone‌ immediately using your password.