Want to record high quality VR gameplay for sharing online? Even experienced VR game streamers have struggled to produce high quality videos for sharing online. A lot of time, money and skill goes into recording and editing videos for streaming. But you don’t have to! 

What You Need To Record VR Gameplay

To record high quality VR gameplay, you need a powerful computer that is capable of running the latest games and rendering in 4K resolution. To avoid lag, it is recommended to have at least an Intel Core i7 processor with 8 GB RAM and 2 TB HDD storage space.

How To Record VR Gameplay High Quality for Free

First off, check to see if your computer can handle VR gameplay. You’ll need a high-end computer to record and stream high quality VR gameplay. If your computer can’t handle the level of detail in VR games, recording will be extremely difficult. If you don’t have a PC that can run the game, it is still possible to record the footage with software like OBS or Xsplit. Next, set up a hotkey for capturing clips from games. There are many different ways to create this hotkey, but one of the simplest methods is to use a macro recorder. A macro recorder lets you create a single button for recording at any time in any program on your computer. It’s easy to set it up and use it too! Finally, start recording! Start playing the game and press the button when something interesting happens that you want to share online. Congratulations – now you’ve got high quality footage that doesn’t take hours of editing and trial-and-error to get right!

Software for Recording VR Gameplay

 There are three main types of software for recording VR game footage: webcam video, screencasting, and video capturing software.  ScreenCapture (macOS only) or Webcam + Skype (Windows). Screencasting Software Screencasting software allows you to capture anything on your screen as a movie file without altering the original image. This is also known as “screenrecording.” It lets you record anything from games to editing projects and more! Screencasting software usually comes with a variety of features like the ability to zoom in and out on an area of your screen; these features make screencasting easy for anyone who wants to produce high quality recordings. Video Capturing Software Video capturing software works similarly to screencasting software in that it allows people to capture whatever they see on their screens without changing it. However, unlike screencasting, video capturing also lets people add transitions between scenes and edit soundtracks. This makes it easier for people with no experience editing videos in order to produce higher quality recordings than those produced with only screen-capture or webcam-video software alone.

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The most important step to recording high quality VR gameplay is using a screen recorder. Screen recorders allow users to record and save the video that’s being played on the computer screen. This means you can easily edit and post videos online with the quality you need for sharing your gameplay experiences. One of the best and most popular options for recording game footage is OBS, which has an easy-to-use interface, low resource usage, and supports recording in both standard definition and HD resolutions.

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One of the most important things to remember when recording VR gameplay is to make sure your camera doesn’t move. With a tripod or 360 stick, it’s hard for your camera to move because there’s nothing else for it to be holding onto. The video will also look much more stable without any shaky movements from the camera. It’s easy to record zoom meetings with these contraptions too! Just aim the camera at your face and let it sit steady on one point as you play.

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A screen recorder is one of the best tools to use for recording your gameplay and producing high quality videos. With a screen recorder, you can record an entire game or only certain parts of it. You can also capture other programs running on your computer, like Skype conversations, YouTube videos, and Netflix shows.

Post-Processing for VR Gameplay

Post-processing for VR game footage is a critical component to making a high quality VR video.  It’s possible to use these programs to provide basic effects like color correction, but that’s about it. For the best quality results, you should instead use something like Sony Vegas Pro, which has been designed specifically with VR in mind and can produce some truly beautiful results.


There are many ways to record high quality VR gameplay, but the best way is through using a PC with a recording card. Recording cards like the Elgato HD60S or the Elgato HD60 Pro can produce high-quality visuals for less than $100. If you own a PC with a dedicated GPU you can use the integrated card too, but it does not offer the same quality.