Hinge Verification Code Not Working! It’s the most frustrating error you will encounter when trying to find the perfect partner. When we attempt to find our love online we make use of dating apps. To make a profile, we generally receive an authorization code from our mobile phone for the purpose of completing our profile.

However, just when we think that we are close to completing the formalities, suddenly the Hinge account is blocked on the verification screen. It is repeated to finish the verification, but get frustrated.

Why Is My Hinge Verification Code Not Working?

Before using any dating site or website, you must make a profile and prove that you’re a person The app or website requires an individual code that validates the user’s identity with a verified email to their mobile number. You can’t access those dating websites or apps unless you have verified your account. No matter what there is a chance that you won’t receive the verification code and it’s either not functioning after you enter it.

Do you not think that old-fashioned methods are superior to using such dating applications? This article gives some options to explore to solve the problem. We’ll go on to discover the various things you could accomplish.

Use the Updated App to Avoid Hinge Verification Code Not Working Error

Sometimes outdated applications can create problems. If we don’t update, the apps, they start to malfunction. Therefore, when you sign up for an account, always ensure that you’re using the most recent version of the application. Make sure to check Google Play as well as the App Store for updates for the application and enter the code again. I’m hoping you don’t encounter the Hinge Verification Code Not Working error message again.

Check Your Default Messaging App

It is possible that you are unaware of the fact that you might not use the default messaging program, and that’s the reason why hinge encountered some issues to locate its verification number. The message reads “Hinge Verification Code Is Not Working ” error message”. For instance, these days the real caller allows messaging. If you receive this message, you need to determine what is your primary messaging app.

Is Your Number accurate?

In the rush to create an account with dating websites Most of the time we do make mistakes entering the number. Sometimes, we type in the wrong combination of numbers or type in our old number and fail to pay close attention.

This is a common issue So, try it again, but this time ensure that you enter the correct number, and the exact number you are using now.

Tips for Side When entering your phone number, always sure that you have entered your number using the an accurate country code.

You’ve Waited for Too Long

The Hinge Verification codes are identical to One Time Passwords. They expire at a certain period of time. When you type in the code, make sure you do it at the same time that you receive the code in the form of SMS. If you are waiting longer than the time allowed, you must sign up againand then wait for a new code.

You’ve Already Tried Several Times

If the activation code you received doesn’t work you can try it at it again, starting from the beginning, to get the activation code once more. If you’ve attempted more than the limit of minimum and you’re blocked from the app. This means that you will be locked in the coming 24 hours. You are now stuck, and the most annoying thing is that nobody is able to unblock their account by hand, so everybody has to wait until the in the next 24-hours. If you’re looking to meet your ideal partner Try your luck with any other app , or even within your neighborhood.

Restart Your Mobile Or Reinstall the App to Avoid Hinge Verification Code Not Working Issue

Sometimes, the app may encounters issues with its connection. Therefore, restarting your phone may help to fix the issue. Additionally, you could restart the application and then try again to sign-in After that Try it now and see whether you are able to create an account today.

May Be Your Messaging Service Is Blocked

The mobile carriers make use of the unique number of their customers to communicate texts and codes, as well as PINs, to the customers they serve. If you’re not getting those messages, this could be the reason you’re not getting the code to verify your hinge.

This only occurs in very rare instances. However, if you’re certain that when you activated the DND it blocked all messages from service. To unblock your messages, you can contact your mobile provider’s customer service number. If the restrictions originate from their side, then they’re the only ones who can permit you to get the code.

The issue was first reported by a few T-mobile MetroPCS activated phone users. They posted the issue on Reddit and expressed their displeasure that their service provider was blocking these kinds of messages.

If you received the code but it’s not working try these suggestions: try:

  • Click on the SMS using the code.
  • In the field for typing in the type field, type the word Help and then tap Send.
  • This resets the phone’s carrier link to your phone number.
  • If you get an SMS response this means that messages with short codes have been allowed for your phone number. Try typing the Hinge code once more and check whether it is working.

If you were able to resolve the issue in a different method, please tell us in the comments section what was your method of solving the issue?