Cast iron pans are an excellent investment, as they can last your entire life if you care for them the right way. 

For years, cast iron pans have been the preferred way to cook and heat food. They’re heavy and durable and keep your food from sticking. The best part about this cookware is that they’re super easy to clean.

You may wonder how to wash a cast iron skillet so that it doesn’t rust. Our helpful guide goes over everything you need to know about how to clean this cookware to make it last. 

How to Wash a Cast Iron Skillet

The best cookware for frying or baking is, without a doubt, a cast iron skillet. You may think that even the best cast iron skillet can be tricky to wash because of the iron material it’s made of. Thankfully, you can have your pan looking new in a few simple steps. 

1. Rinse Your Skillet 

Once you have finished your meal, and have let your skillet cool, rinse it under the sink. This will remove any food scraps left behind. If you wait too long, food will get hard and stick to the pan. 

2. Scrub It Clean 

Do you have stubborn food that won’t rinse off? If you do, add a little soapy water to the pan. Use a gentle scrub brush to lift the food scraps. 

3. Dry Your Skillet 

After you’ve washed your skillet, skip the air drying and head for a paper towel. Don’t use your favorite dish towel because the cast iron will stain it. Another way to dry your pan is to pop it into a warm oven. 

4. Reinforce the Skillet Seasoning

Finally, you’ll want to reinforce the cast iron’s seasoning after you have washed it. This is an easy process that will make cooking your next meal a breeze. 

In your warm pan, add a coating of vegetable oil. Apply the oil to the bottom and sides of the pan with a paper towel. Make sure you don’t leave any excess oil in the skillet. 

Cast Iron Cleaning Tips

Are you in a hurry to get your pan clean? Pour a cup of hot water on your skillet while it is still on the stove. This will remove the food scraps as effectively as running your pan under the sink. 

You can get your pan wet without worrying about rust. A little water is perfect for cleaning, but don’t submerge it for any length of time. 

Steel wool is a no-no on cast iron pans. You can strip off the seasoning, which is the best part of cast iron pans. 

If you are a cast iron newbie, there are some great brands to buy, like Barebones skillets. If you wonder why Barebones, it’s because these pans are heirloom quality, versatile, and non-stick. 

Cast Iron: A Pan That Keeps Getting Better With Age 

You’ll only need to get a new cast iron skillet if it cracks, chips, or corrodes. When you know how to wash a cast iron skillet, it can last for years to come. 

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