This write-up will answer your question, Is Clarkshop Legit about a new online site that sells women’s shoes, including orthotic items.

Do you enjoy wearing shoes that complement your outfits? Are you happy with your large selection of sneakers and sandals? Do you wish to broaden your selection with the most recent wedges? If so, then go through this article to find out about a similar platform.

In this article we’ve discussed the credibility of a newly created online retailer. Customers from a variety of nations, including those from the United Kingdom, are eager to gain more information about this site. So, continue reading for the answer to your query, is Clarkshop Legit.

Is Clarkshop Reliable?

We looked up this website via the Internet and have compiled the information below. These information will help you to confirm the site’s authenticity.

  • Website Age Website Age This platform is just one month old as its date of establishment is March 16th, 2022.
  • Website Trust Index –1 percent that falls in an area of Very Poor Trust Score.
  • rank at Alexa –4,778,670 It’s not an outstanding ranking. But, the site is relatively new so low user traffic can be not expected.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Buyers have left feedback on certain products available on this site. However they are not all positive. Clarkshop Reviews are only five-star reviews and do not include dates. Thus, they appeared cautious and biased.
  • Social Media LinksThe website is not equipped with any social media connections.
  • The authenticity of the content The Genuineness of ContentThe website’s address and name of the company on the homepage do not correspond. In addition in the terms and conditions include an additional name. Thus, it appears that the content of the website is copied.
  • The authenticity of Contact InformationThe Contact Us page mentions the name of an additional E-commerce platform. Additionally the address and telephone number are connected to several websites. Additionally, the email address is associated with another business’s name.

The information on this site suggests that it could be a scam. We cannot however declare Clarkshop to be legitimate. Clarkshop Legit as it is relatively new.

What is Clarkshop?

Clarkshop is an internet-based marketplace for electronic commerce that focuses on women’s footwear. Its products include wedges, boots slippers, sandals and more. It also sells ortho shoes, which claim to keep proper posture when wearing these shoes.


  • Website Type Website Type An online retailer that sells women’s shoes like wedges, sandals and wedges.
  • Address of Website –
  • Contact Number –86 1552 284 6781
  • Physical Address Physical AddressRoom number. 211, Building number. 1, 81, Jingchang Rd., Wuchang St., District- Yuhang, Province- Zhejiang, Hangzhou City.
  • E-mail Address – This address is associated with a different platform, which can affect your views regarding Clarkshop. Clarkshop Legit.
  • Sorting and Filtering –Available
  • Information about the Shipment Shipment Details Standard shipping times are one or three days. The owners haven’t disclosed the details of costs for shipping.
  • information on refunds and returnsThis website has the return policy of 30 days after delivery. However, the timeline for refunds is not included from the guidelines.
  • Price of Products –Mentioned in USD.
  • Payment Methods:PayPal as well as credit card like Discover, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, etc.
  • Terms and Conditions –Present
  • Social Media Linking –Absent
  • Privacy Policy – Mentioned


  • A variety of colors and patterns of these items are available.
  • The description of the orthopedic function in product descriptions is helpful.

Cons Concerning Is Clarkshop Legit

  • There are a variety of platforms’ names listed all on the site. So, the credibility of the site is at risk.
  • The website is still too new to be trusted at the moment.
  • The developers have not made available the payment options as either a policy nor as badges. We needed to run an initial checkout test to get acquainted with the payment options.
  • The cost for shipping or the threshold for free shipping are not mentioned in the policy that applies to them.
  • The creators have not connected this website to any social media platforms.
  • All contact numbers listed on this website are to be in doubt.

Clarkshop Reviews

There is no significant review site that has been mentioned on this site. It is evident that the customers haven’t purchased the products on offer. It is also difficult to judge the credibility of this site at present, since it’s brand new. However, we did discover certain items on the site that had positive reviews from customers. However, we could not consider these reviews reliable because there’s no proof of dates.

The Final Verdict

The information we gathered from the Web depicts this site as suspicious. However, we are unable to say that it is Clarkshop Legit as the creators of the site have just launched it.