Workplaces are meant to include hundreds of people working under the same roof to produce commodities and create a flow of exchanges. It is the epicentre of an economy, and many such units together build up the market for the country. Hence, the Government has validated the importance of workplace safety in various businesses. It has also introduced legislation for their safety at work.

It is the duty as well as the liability of the employers to arrange some safety precautions to ensure their employers a safe working environment. Out of most accidents that occur in workplaces, half of them are due to accidental fires. In a country like Australia, the weather can get heated up during the summer in the continent’s interior. This can cause the machines to heat up immensely and burst or cause flames to flicker. To avoid any mishap as such to occur, the companies train their workers to handle such situations and use fire safety equipment.

Many life-saving fire equipment and hoses are used in most workplaces dealing with paper, textiles, or wood. Fire hose reels are the best fire safety solution and services for such industries. It provides a continuous and controlled water flow to put off the flames. As it uses water, it should not be used in electrical industries or industries that include the use of oil. This is because it may cause a short circuit or spread the fire making the situation worse.

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Fire hose reel regulation NSW makes it compulsory to use the equipment in the working areas keeping in mind some points. There are primarily two types of fire hose reels in the country and worldwide.

●     Fixed Wall Mounted Fire Hose Reel It can be found almost in every workplace that does not have a deficiency in the water supply. Fixed wall-mounted fire hose reels are set to the source of the water and cannot be moved. Being permanently attached to the main water supply, keep the hose reel so that it can be quickly brought out when needed without any hindrances.

●     Swing Arm Fire Hose Reel- We do not know exactly which place can catch fire. So fixed wall-mounted fire hose reels seem disadvantageous. If there is a sudden fire before the hose reel, it can be challenging to get access to it. A swing arm hose reel can solve the problem. It is also fixed, but the hose reel is assembled in the cabinet. This setup leads the whole reel to swing out when needed. The hose reel retracts automatically when the task is accomplished through the operator.

Generally, using a fire hose reel should be relatively easy compared to other fire safety tools. But there are specific steps to be followed per fire hose reel regulation NSW, which makes the process much speedy. Below, we have listed the steps to use a fire hose reel during emergencies at work.

  1. Step 1- The first step to using the fire hose reel is to break the anti-tapper seal. Not every fire hose reel is fitted, but if it is, a seal needs to be broken to begin the water flow.
  2. Step 2- The next thing you need to do is hold the mouth of the hose reel with steady hands and ask someone to turn on the water source at the stop valve to start the water flow.
  1. Step 3- The reel of the hose should be at a proper distance from the fire to preserve the safety of the people working in the process. The space allows the water to reach the spot wholly. The water speed is much higher and thus has its best impact when used from a distance.
  1. Step 4-  Next, turn on the nozzle of the fire hose reel in an open position to let the water run out freely from the hose pipe.
  1. Step 5- The mouth of the fire hose reel should be directed at the base of the fire. Put off the hose reel after the fire subsides. This action is essential because the extreme force of water damages the surface that has caught fire.


Install fire hose reels in the workplace to ensure the safety of the employees even before the expert help arrives at the site. The firms should use high-quality fire hoses, as they can perform well quickly and refrains from any pipe rupture due to the water’s force. To provide the employees with proper knowledge about fire safety and the use of the companies should arrange for particular training classes by the professionals.