This article provides information on the viral Kristen Hanby Vs Vitaly Full Fighting and its outcomes.

YouTube stars and other online personalities are increasingly attempting to get into professional boxing. Popular YouTube and social media stars have made professional boxing debuts.

Kristen Hanby (left) and Vitaly (right) are the latest names to join this new trend. These two online personalities were seen fighting each other in an event called Kristen Hanby Vs Vitaly Full Fighttrendy.

This expression has been popularized in Canada, Australia, Canada, and Ireland. Continue reading to learn more about these people and the fight.

Kristen Hanby is Kristen Hanby.

Kristen Hanby, a YouTuber and TikTok user aged 28, is a well-known celebrity and online influencer. He was born March 8, 1993 in Jersey, the United Kingdom. His social media accounts have a large following and a dedicated audience.

According to sources, he resides in Los Angeles, California. As these online personalities are going to fight each other, the query Kristen Hanby Vs Vitaly Full Fight is becoming very popular.

Who’s Vitaly?

  • Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a Russian-American YouTube personality, was born March 1992 in Murmansk. He is a Russian-American YouTube star who is 29 years old.
  • His YouTube channel, VitalyzdTc, has millions of subscribers and generated billions of hits.
  • His videos fall under the comedy, vlog and pranks categories.
  • Users are eager to see the fight between Vitaly and Kristen Hanby, and who emerges victorious.
  • They have been involved in heated discussions.

Kristen Hanby and Vitaly Full Fight

Below are the details of this online fight:

  • In a viral match, the two YouTube and online personalities met.
  • As people search for resources to view this match, this query is likely to be trendy.
  • The Match was streamable on Showstar’s website via the PPV option.
  • The two personalities used verbal attacks against each other quite a bit.
  • Due to Vitaly’s larger physical stature, users favored Vitaly to win the match. To everyone’s surprise the viral Kristen Hanby Vs Vitaly Full Fighting ended in a draw.
  • Both personalities had to face each other with difficulties, and each suffered a lot of damage.
  • The match was over when Vitaly and Vitaly hugged one another. Vitaly requested a rematch on neutral grounds.
  • See the fight outcomes here .

The Final Thoughts

Kristen Hanby (and Vitaly) are both well-known celebrities and online influencers on social media. We have provided the details below about the boxing match between them.

This fight was you able to see live? Which fighter did you think was the victor for most of the fight? Please comment on the Kristen Hanby Vs Vitaly Full Fighting results.