The world of gemstones is rich in beauty and magical powers. They have been loved for a long time in adornments like jewelry, crowns and are also beneficial for meditative purposes. They have a history related to their formation and discovery. When set in a jewelry piece, a gemstone becomes the center of attraction. Gemstone jewelry works as a healer for the wearer. It is no doubt right to say that a gemstone is beautiful from the inside out. One such gem is Moonstone.

Named on the heavenly body Moon, the gemstone has an otherworldly aura. It has a pearly radiance and shine that seems bouncing and dancing on the surface as it moves at every angle. It has intense rays of gold, blue and purple. Spiritualists, shamans value this crystal a lot. The gemstone is known for its energy that can nourish, awaken passion and feminine energies. It takes care of the emotions during the waxing and waning of the Moon. It can re-energize the mind and alleviate all the negativity.

Moonstone: The Glowing Beauty of All The Gemstones

Its History

Moonstone jewelry has been popular since ancient civilizations. Romans believed that the gemstone was a solidified piece of moonlight. Artisans of the Art Noveau Period created moonstone jewelry. For a long time, it has been used in amulets for the protection of travelers at night. The crystal has been considered sacred in India. The crystal holds special significance for lovers. In Europe, it was popular that the gemstone could reunite estranged lovers and cure sleeplessness. Greeks linked the gemstone to their lunar gods and goddesses.

Origins of Moonstone

The gemstone is a part of the mineral family of feldspars which comes from Sri Lanka and India. Switzerland’s Adula mountains are also quite famous sources of this gemstone. It is also mined in Myanmar, Brazil, Norway, Australia, USA, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Germany.

Moonstone Jewelry

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Moonstone occurs in blue, rainbow, green, peach, and white colors. This gemstone does not require any treatment or enhancement. It is loved for its adularescence and is cut into cabochons or domed cabochons. It is also sometimes carved into fanciful shapes. Its hardness lies between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

The milky textured gemstone is famous for its gentle, calming effect on the wearer. It keeps the wearer away from negative energies. Because of this reason, it is considered for auspicious jewelry pieces or while gifting. Nowadays, moonstone engagement rings are also gaining popularity. They are set in a protective bezel setting. One must take proper care of this glorious crystal. Keep the gemstone jewelry away from harsh chemicals and high temperatures. Take the gemstone jewelry out while doing vigorous exercise to prevent the gemstone from an accidental hit. You can use mild soap and water to clean the gemstone jewelry and wipe it with a soft cloth. Gems work well when they are charged in the moonlight from time to time. Keep the crystal under Moon for a night to cleanse its aura.

What is Adularescence?

It is a rippling blue light effect that appears when the gemstone is made to move in the presence of a light source. When light falls between the thin layers of minerals in the gem, it is scattered, producing adularescence. The layers act as a diffuser for the light and end up softening it. Because of this, when moved at different angles near a source of light, there appears to be a billowing shimmer on the surface of the gem.

Benefits of Wearing This Gemstone:

The gemstone has some extraordinary healing and calming properties. The jewel proves to be beneficial for people suffering from anxiety or sometimes get over-aggressive. It will strike an emotional balance and help you find a perspective if you feel lost. The gemstone promotes peace, harmony, and balance. It is also said to enhance intuition.

The gemstone is considered to have strong healing powers. It can cure sleep-related problems and even help with fertility issues. It will also keep you away from negative energies.

Zodiac Birthstone

The gemstone can work well for Librans as it can help them accept the change in life and not feel scared of the decision-making process. The crystal can also help Scorpios balance their jealousy and reactive behavior.

Where to Buy Moonstone Jewelry?

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