A computer virus is any program that is being injected into the system that makes it act otherwise or slows down its functionality. Viruses are very dangerous to the system because it is capable of causing data loss, and there might be no form of recovery if something like this occurs.

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There are different dangerous computer viruses in cyberspace now, and I’m sure you would love to learn more about them. 

In this article, you’ll find out the ten most dangerous computer viruses in cyberspace.

10 Most Destructive Computer Viruses

In this context, you’ll find out ten of these and how they work.

Let’s proceed!


Zeus is said to be one of the most destructive computer viruses, mostly used for fraudulent purposes. They come in links that are capable of getting important information about an individual, thereby hacking into their archives and using it against them. You would not want to witness something like this.


These unwanted programs tend to replicate themselves in the computer system, causing it to slow down and function abnormally. It can lead to a total system shutdown if it is not quickly detected.

I love you

I love you is another type of virus that replicates itself and then sends it as a text or email to a person’s system. On opening this, it can destroy the system’s layout and make it lose its functionality. If you detect this, it is best to hand it over to a professional before it goes overboard.


A trojan is a malicious attack that is injected into the system and tries to collect the information of the user, thereby denying him access to his information. This is more like a DOS attack. It could be very dangerous in times when data is needed urgently.


This destructive computer virus is being injected into the computer system, slowing down its activities and leading to a permanent shutdown of the computer system.

My doom

This is one of the most destructive computer viruses of all time. It attacks the mails of people and thereby gains access to websites. It was seen to have almost shut down Google for almost a day.


This computer virus would infect the system and ensure you do not get access to any anti-virus system. It blocks your access to any update on your system.

Crypto locker

This is a ransomware attack used majorly for fraudulent acts. It would not leave your device until you pay a certain amount. It is accompanied by a deadline.


This is a type of virus that infects USB drives. It is majorly used for cyber warfare. It was created by the Americans to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

Code Red

This is a kind of virus that replicates itself and takes up other computer resources. These viruses are very dangerous and should not be joked with if detected.