Disney CEO Bob Iger made an official announcement regarding Zootopia 2, with Walt Disney Animation getting ready to transport fans back into its animated world despite no official release date being set forth yet.

At its debut, Zootopia received critical acclaim due to its superb cast – Jason Bateman, Idris Elba and Jenny Slate were particularly well received by critics. The film was directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and featured a stellar voice cast including Jason Bateman IdrisElba and Jenny Slate.

Since its debut, the first film has become popular due to its thoughtful treatment on themes including racial or cultural diversity within communities.

Disney has announced a full-fledged sequel to the film (which will debut alongside Toy Story 5 as well Frozen 3), as well a Disney+ spinoff series named Zootopia+ that will debut in Autumn 2022.

Zootopia 2 release date, packaging and other details are currently unknown.

When will Zootopia 2 come out?

Zootopia 2’s release date may be in November 2024, or even November 2026.

Zootopia 2 has not yet been released. The movie’s release date was revealed in February 2023 along with Toy Story 5 (and Frozen 3). There have been no updates since then regarding the release date. However, it’s expected to arrive within one or more of the next unannounced Disney animated film release periods:

27 November 2024

  • 7 March 2025
  • 26 November 2025

Stephanie Beatriz, the star of Encanto in 2023, revealed that the team behind her movie was currently working on Zootopia 2 She also talked about the possibility that a sequel would be made. The film is not yet finished, but a release date of November 27, 2020 is still possible.

This window could be less productive due to the SAG-AFTRA Strike. Zootopia 2 may also release in March 2025 to coincide with its predecessor. If the movie is in the early stages of production, it may arrive around 2025 or 2026.

Zootopia+ 2022 gave us a new look at the universe of the franchise and featured the return of many beloved characters. So, it’s expected that they will all return in Zootopia 2 with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

Where will Zootopia 2 available?

Zootopia 2 should be released in theaters by the end of this year.

Zootopia synopsis official is:

“A cunning police rabbit and a novice fox solve a crime together.”

Zootopia 2 Cast Rumors

Zootopia 2 is expected to feature all the main actors from the first film, including Ginny, Jason Bateman, Idris, and Idris.

Maurice LaMarche, as Mr. Big or Shakira, as the music sensation Gazelle may also return. But we are still waiting on details. This includes the identity of Disney’s newest villain.

This is the expected cast list for Zootopia 2,

  • Judy Hopps as played by Ginnifer G.
  • Jason Bateman, as Nick Wilde
  • Jenny Slate plays Dawn Bellwether
  • Idris Elba as Chief Bogo
  • Nate Torrence plays Benjamin Claw Hauser
  • Bonnie Hopps, played by Bonnie Hunt
  • Don Lake, as Stu Hopps
  • Tommy Chong as Yax
  • Mayor Lionheart as played by J. K. Simmons
  • Otterton played by Octavia spencer
  • Alan Tudyk as Duke Weaselton
  • Shakira portraying Gazelle
  • Big Maurice LaMarche

What will be the theme of Zootopia 2?

Zootopia 2’s new antagonist will likely keep up the triumphs and disappointments of Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and their police partner partnership.

It will depend on the direction the story takes, but it is likely that the plot will revolve around them both being given another mystery to solve. This case may involve Mayor Lionheart or Bellwether returning, as well as a new antagonist.

Disney has a reputation for making the best of their properties. The film could continue the storyline of Zootopia+.

Sorry to all the shippers, but at this time there are no solid reasons to believe that Nick and Judy have a romantic relationship.

Zootopia 2 trailer speculation

The earliest release date of the first Zootopia 2 video is likely to be 2025.

It would be reasonable to guess that a teaser will appear in 2025, since production does not seem to have begun yet. Once a release is announced, we will know when to expect trailers.

If you haven’t yet seen the movie or the show, then here is the trailer. Disney Plus allows you to see the best animated films from the past.

Where can you watch Zootopia 2 online?

Zootopia 2 may be released on Disney Plus, but it’s unlikely.

Disney, given the success of its first film, would likely prefer to keep a sequel on the big screen for at least 45 more days before releasing the streaming version. You never know.

Based on recent releases, such as live-action The Little Mermaid, and Elemental it is likely to be an exclusive run in theatre with a stream release coming a few month later. You can find more information on the Little Mermaid in How to Watch the Little Mermaid.

Whatever happens to Zootopia 2 there has been a huge amount of entertaining animated movies in the 2020s. Why not take a look at our list of the best Disney Plus series currently available? In addition to ranking each Disney Princess, you can also find out the release dates of Toy Story 5 & Frozen 3!

Disney Plus’ latest additions for the year include some of the coolest Frozen Characters. Also, check out our Elemental review.

Zootopia+ – Is it the same as Zootopia?

Zootopia 2? Definitely not. In November 2022 the streaming anthology Zootopia+ debuted on the platform.

Zootopia+ is a series of six stories, all set in the same time period as the first movie. Trent Correy will be directing the series, while Josie Trinidad is in charge of the story.

Zootopia 2 will not be an ongoing series, even though some elements from its predecessor remain. Instead, this sequel will present an entirely unique narrative experience and not fit within any precedent that existed prior.

What is the Name of Zootopia 2?

Walt Disney Animation

Zootopia 2’s title is not yet known.

Disney’s practice of naming animated sequels by number (e.g. Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4) makes it reasonable to assume that Zootopia 2 will be the name. The subtitle could also be included.

IMDb had originally given the title Zootopia 2 Rise of the Mammalians. The title of the movie was revealed to be false by a fan artwork piece.

What are the children of Nick & Judy in Zootopia 2?

Many will be curious to see if Judy and Nick (Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Gwinn) have a romantic relationship that has developed since their first film, perhaps even leading to a pregnancy.

Rich Moore recently stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly (EW) that should he decide to create more shows, he must address how their relationships operate if/when making further episodes.

But the director wouldn’t comment on if the two were romantically involved.


  1. Is Zootopia 2 an animated movie or a show?
  2. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that a Zootopia II was in the works on February 8th, 2023. The next day, Jared Bush confirmed his involvement in the movie.
  3. Is Judy the girl in Zootopia?
  4. Zootopia revolves around a female rabbit called Officer Judith Laverne “Judy” Hopps. She is a Hopps Family member, and the daughter Bonnie and Stu. Judy Hopps was the first bunny in Zootopia to work as a police officer.