Mobile phone technology revolutionized communication with the first iPhone in 2007. In addition, touchscreen smartphones have become increasingly valuable for mobile gaming, as they have a mobile app. Consequently, technology has improved quickly, blurring the gap between mobile and conventional gaming consoles. Tom Peet, managing director at tech repair shops, says smartphones sometimes get undervalued in the games they play.  

10 of the biggest mobile games of the past decade  

Mobile gaming is just one part of the gaming market, the most popular industry for entertainment. A studio, Activision Blizzard, which makes Call of Duty franchises, has announced a deal to sell its games for $87.2 million to $17.6 million in 2019. Mobile games are typically “free-to-play”, meaning they are possible to download and play for free to the best of your ability to play. These games rely heavily on superusers spending real-world money on resupplying life and creating rare characters. Smartlook used data collected from the most popular games downloaded on the Internet during this period to search for ten rounds.  

Angry Birds (2010)  

Angry Birds is a mobile game that has always remained true to its roots. It has been around the world for many years and has too many sequels to count. Two movies are in progress. But Angry Birds was just another little game with great potential at the movie’s start. Its innovative gameplay has helped transform it into an instant hit. The game combines touchscreen controls to create satisfying and intuitive gaming; each level presents unique and creative challenges for the players. Many people in angry bird movies have never used microtransactions in their development. Unlocking the first bird became as effortless as mastering physics.  

The Room (2013)  

Rooms are an essential feature of mobile puzzle games. The sequel and spinoffs have been developed today, but they had an unusual atmospheric puzzle to solve the first time they were published. You’re seated in an enclosed room. The objective is to escape. Using the lens, a reader can easily find hidden secrets. Throughout the levels, stories are told using randomly placed letters. Although this story is a little cliché, the music is excellent and has a good ambience. The puzzle is cleverly tricky and can be enjoyed throughout; it is an original game and is regarded as one of the most influential smartphone games of the 20th.  

PUBG Mobile/Fortnite (2018)  

PUBG Mobile and Fortnite may have an entirely new approach to Battle Royale gaming, but the same thing is that they have immense popularity. This group of pioneering battle-royal characters defined its style. Developed for PC and consoles and transitioned smoothly onto mobile with excellent results. Today both are pioneers in mobile esport. It offers the excitement of its desktop counterpart but does not require an advanced PC. Smooth and enjoyable gameplay that’s simple and difficult to grasp yet tricky to master. They probably appeared in the final decade, but it is already apparent in many parts of the world.  

Ingress/Pokémon GO  

Ingress has become renowned as an innovative pioneer in augmented reality technologies. When it appeared, the video game could achieve something considered impossible. Ingress’s underlying software re-created AR games and created Pokémon go. As its first release in 2016, however, its early release drew some challenges. You feel like you are in a Pokémon adventure attractive to younger and older people. Pokémon Go ironed out most of its shortcomings over time and is a rich and complete experience that’s enjoyable with the friends in your life.  

80 days (2014)  

80 Days has long been considered the best smartphone game ever produced. It proved they were perfect for mobile platforms in the past. You’re the valiant Jean Passepartout who will help his employer navigate all over the world in eight days, similar to Jule Verne’s novel. 80 Days incorporates steampunk era history and presents many overlapping narratives. The choice is important! Each game is filled with thrilling stories that are exciting in their own right – 80 days.   

Modern Combat: Sandstorms  

All genres need to start. Modern Combat has provided an example to current players in a mobile shooting. Together with Gameloft, it became one of the first real FPS-based games on Google Play. Modern Combat was founded in 2009. However, it still deserves a place on our list because the show shows how mobile shooting equipment is an essential mobile weapon. Its games were identical to its Call of Duty console counterparts, and although no longer developed, they were entertaining. Originally it was not available on google play. Many modern combat sequels are worthy successors.  

Fruit Ninja (2010)  

Before the novelty of the touchscreen was gone, tapping was the standard in arcades. Despite this, no one invented so simple but brilliantly that it was Fruit Ninja – smashing watermelon, oranges and bananas with a simple finger stroke and then quickly sliding over the display screen. Each slash or a subsequent splash is just as enjoyable because of buttery soft play. Of course, the successful gameplay produced numerous knockoffs, but none of them executed this idea with as much finesse as Fruit Ninja.  

Asphalt series  

When you think of a racing phone game, there’s asphalt. These game series have truly defined genres. Asphalt is also the first smartphone game to date – Asphalt: Urban GT was its first mobile game. Nokia N-Gage formerly introduced this device in 2004. Asphalt has improved significantly in recent years. These games are the most popular arcade racing games on Google Play. Asphalt 9 Legends is an upcoming series with stunning visual effects and smooth gameplay. Racing is thrilling and competitive and varies from classical to attack or Hunting.  

Alto’s Adventure (2015)  

The Alto Adventures is gorgeous with exquisite simplicity. These independent games are rare mobile games that offer a zenlike experience. The film achieved this by combining minimalist visuals, atmospheric soundtracks, and superb gameplay. Alto’s Adventure is easy to follow but gets tricky and frustrating. It’s an easy and satisfying way to get started. This combined made the game instantly successful and influenced the many mobile games that follow it. Despite the differences above, Alto Odyssey is the closest sequel.  

Call of Duty Mobile (2019)  

Call Of Duty Mobile is a new game which reflects popular demand for PUBG Mobile & Fortnite. The game was an immediate success since its introduction. Over 100 million downloads are made each week. The game has a campaign but offers many different multiplayer modes ranging from a battle royal to a multiplayer chess game. Microtransactions do not affect gameplay. Call of Duty Mobile adds nostalgia to its gameplay, introducing several classic maps and characters from the franchise. 

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