You may start playing your keno numbers at any of the online casinos that we have chosen right now. You can quickly compare the finest online w88 register venues for playing the lottery game, and you can read insightful evaluations of the greatest casinos in 2022. When you play Keno online at one of the casinos we suggest, you’ll be eligible for great bonuses and promotions. You may also find out how to play Keno and receive some helpful hints for when you’re really playing the game.

The Rules of Playing Keno

Keno for real money is really just an on-demand version of the lottery. You start by selecting your numbers, then you wait for the casino to draw a sequence of numbers, and finally, you are compensated according on how many of those numbers you were able to capture (guess correctly).

Learning the Role of Each Player

A keno card, a pay table, and a few buttons are the essential components of a standard game of keno played with real money. When you opt to play keno online w88 gambling, you’ll discover that every game is a little bit different, but these are the aspects that are consistent throughout all of them.

Keno Card

In its most basic form, a keno card is nothing more than a massive number grid. One way to see it is as a giant lottery ticket with the numbers 1 to 80 printed on it. The majority of online keno games consist of eight rows of numbers, with each row containing ten numbers.

Pay Table

This displays the amount of money you will get as a reward based on the number of catches you make. When playing keno, there is not a guarantee that you will get a payout for matching more numbers. Instead, you will get a payout according on the proportion of numbers that you hit successfully. Catching six of six chosen numbers, for instance, may result in a payoff of 1800 times your original wager, or catching six of fourteen picked numbers could result in a payout of just two times your original wager.

Quick Pick

You have the option of clicking the Quick Pick button in order to have the machine choose the numbers for you rather than manually picking them yourself. This function is quite similar to the “quick select” option that may be found in the majority of state lotteries.

How to Play Keno Through the Internet


Choose a keno game to play online. Check out the many different kinds of keno games that are offered at the best online casinos that are on our listing if you are unclear how to get started.


Pick out some numbers for me. You may choose anywhere from one to twenty numbers at a time from the keno grid, depending on the game. It is entirely up to you to decide how many there will be. However, keep in mind that the larger the proportion of correct numbers that you guess, the better your payment rate will be.


Determine the amount that you want to wager on each draw. You may make changes to your wager by clicking the arrows that are located next to the amount that is currently chosen.


You will next be asked to choose the total number of games that you want to participate in. As an example, let’s say you want to stake $1 on your numbers and participate in a total of 5 games; the overall cost of this endeavour will be $5.

To find out whether you are a winner, you will need to wait for the numbers to be selected. The algorithm will choose the maximum number of possible numbers, marking each one with either an X or a checkmark as it goes. After that, you will get a payout according to the amount of numbers that you have successfully struck.

Keno Rules

Even though keno is a very easy game to comprehend, it does not hurt to brush up on the rules every once in a while. When you are playing the game, we recommend that you keep the following important aspects of the game in mind.

There are a total of 80 numbers on the keno board, but you won’t be able to choose them all. The total number of numbers is often between 15 and 20, however the amount of numbers from which you may pick will vary according on the casino you play in.

Some casinos will let you to play with as little as one number, while other casinos that provide real money wagering will insist that you play with at least two numbers.

When you play keno for real money at a land-based casino, you have to wait for a keno game to begin before you can find out how much you will be paid out for each winning combination. When playing games online, you get to decide precisely when each one begins.

The Methods That We Use To Assess Online Keno Casinos

Our site only features casinos that have passed a stringent evaluation that consists of 25 different steps, and each one of those casinos has been evaluated. It is crucial that all casinos, even those suggested for keno, satisfy our stringent requirements in order to obtain a high rating from us. This is because we want to make sure that our users have the greatest possible experience while gambling online. If one of our primary criteria is not met by a casino, we will not suggest that you play there.