Pearl Shongwe was a media personality with a multitude of talents whose work reflected her life’s vibrancy and tenacity. Pearl Shongwe, born in the busy township of Soweto carved out a place for herself as an advocate of education and social injustice and a voice for the youth. Her sudden death left a void both in her audience’s and colleagues’ hearts, as they remembered the life she dedicated to educating, entertaining and inspiring the people of South Africa.

Pearl Shongwe: Who was she?

Pearl Ntombifuthi Shongwe is more than just a media personality. She was a beacon for young South Africans who aspire to be successful in the broadcasting world. Pearl Ntombifuthi Shongwe’s early entry into the media industry, which began with TV commercial auditions at age 12, showcased her talent and determination. She began her career on the airwaves and screens of SABC and YFM, and her role expanded beyond that of a TV presenter.

What happened to Pearl Shongwe

Pearl Shongwe died unexpectedly, and the nation was shocked. Silence engulfed the airwaves on a typical day, where Pearl Shongwe’s lively voice had once resounded. Her lifeless body was found at her Johannesburg residence on 8 November 2022. It marked the abrupt and shocking ending of an era. This great loss was felt by fans, colleagues, and family members of South African media. Many mourned not only the death of a presenter, but also someone who had been a part of their family.

What was the cause of death?

Pearl’s abrupt departure raised many questions and rumors. Authorities attributed Pearl’s death to a suspected overdose. This was a shocking and heartbreaking discovery. Her bedroom was awash with drugs, leading authorities to believe that she died peacefully, but that it was due to an overdose. It was a tragic ending to a woman who lived a bright life in public, while battling battles that were not seen.

Legacy and Impact

Pearl Shongwe’s legacy transcends the boundaries of the broadcasting studio. She demonstrated her commitment to social upliftment by working with the NGO Sakha-Isizwe that she co-founded. Her voice became synonymous with empowerment, as she used to report entertainment news and anchor sports. Her commitment to her community and to her profession is a testimony to her character. It will inspire future generations of people to pursue their passions in the same way.

Pearl’s Personal life

Pearl’s nature dictated that she kept her private life hidden. The poignant words of her sister at Pearl’s memorial service expressed the family’s broken dreams for celebrations which would never happen. Pearl’s lack of information about her marital situation only served to highlight the respectable distance she maintained between her public and private life.

Her Role at Metro FM

Pearl Shongwe, a Metro FM regular, was an institution until her death. She was both a newsreader and co-host of Daily Thetha. Pearl Shongwe’s voice was unique and not one of many. It was a sound that allowed youth to be engaged with important issues.

Pearl Shongwe is a story of brilliance, resilience and dedication to her art and community. Her sudden death has left a huge hole not only in South African society but also the media. She served South Africa with passion and love. Pearl’s legacy will live on in the lives she touched and her work.


  1. Pearl Shongwe: Who was she?
    Pearl Shongwe, a South African media personality renowned for her broadcasting and TV work, was celebrated.
  2. How did Pearl Shongwe die?
    Pearl Shongwe died in her sleep, at home. The cause of death was suspected to be a drug overdose.
  3. When did Pearl Shongwe die?
    Pearl Shongwe passed away on November 8, 2022.
  4. What was Pearl Shongwe’s impact on the media?
    Pearl Shongwe, a South African media pioneer known for her passion in broadcasting and empowerment of youths, was a force to be reckoned with.
  5. Pearl Shongwe was married?
    Pearl Shongwe’s personal life was kept private. Her marital status wasn’t made public.