The article provides the solution to What did Kathy Hilton Say About Kyles. Read this article to find out their complete statements from the season 12 promotional.

Do you want to know the words Kathy Hilton said to Kyle? If so, this article is perfect for you. The news is receiving a lot of attention from the public because of these well-known personalities comments.

The Season 12 promo, fans around the world discuss Kathy’s conflicts with Kyle. It’s about two sisters who are working as actors on reality shows. Do you want to know more about this subject in depth? Let’s begin with what did Kathy Hilton Say About Kyles?

Introduction to the Discussion

Kathy’s comments to Kyle in the reality TV show. This is a dramatic moment between the two sisters. They started crying following the announcement. Kathy Hilton was the last to apologize however she remained out of the squabble among the sisters.

She says that they believe that they are apathetic or some other thing by exchanging their feelings with one others, but how can they be able to say these things to themselves? And then, in a different scenario she keeps saying. Did she try to showcase her charisma on TV?

What did Kathy Hilton Say About Kyle Richards

In the teaser trailer for Season 12’s premiere Episode, Kathy talks to Kyle. Kyle is a good friend of mine. But, why is Erika doing this to me? Be wary as she’s not who she claims she is because she also was irritated. As the battle progresses she claims that she is as one of the victims because she believes it’s excellent.

What message is she trying to convey to you, and what is she continuing to speak to you? She doesn’t allow anyone else to comment on me as it is only to benefit me. So, What Did Kathy Hilton Say about Kyle Richardsnow that you are aware of? We’ll move to the next set of remarks.

Another Statement from Kathy in response to Kyles

In the end, she states, “As soon as you start talking about Erika’s conduct and we’ll then begin talking about the other members of that Group.” She continues by declaring, “That you must be penalized in general for what was the reason Kyle phoned?” after which she adds,

What’s the reason they didn’t turn at Kathy’s birthday party?

The birthday girl wasn’t celebrated due to the reasons given:

  • Because Kyle was filming other things, Kim committed to one of her children.
  • They were upset at what transpired during the production for the program.
  • Because of her dark time, Kim uses filthy language.
  • In the end, their marriage was ruined.

What did Kathy Hilton Say About Kyles, and Why do we have a fight?

Kyle approached Kathy during his RHOBH Season 12 trailers, telling her that a large number of women watching Beverly Season 12 had quit. The women are fighting their issues. This is why there’s a huge dispute between the celebrities. It turned into a major disagreement.


This was all regarding Kathy’s words to Kyles which were expressed in anger or love and even disagreements. It usually happens, then is resolved, and attracts lots of interest around the world because it sparked controversy. Then, this is the answer to, ” What Did Kathy Hilton Say About Kyles“?