Making memes involves a lot of work. In this article, we will look at some of them. You can make them on your own or hire Meme Scout to do it for you. Below are some things that you can do to make memes.

Find the text you want to use for your meme. This can be found by typing “meme generator” into Google Images. Pick your size. There are three sizes for memes – 500×500, 650×650 and 800×800 pixels (width/height). STEP 3: Paste the image into Microsoft Paint or GIMP (GIMP is free, just like Microsoft Paint). Make sure to set the background color to white so it doesn’t show up when you place the text over it. You can do this by going into [FILE] > [NEW] and then selecting a color from the palette on the right side of the window. If you aren’t able to alter color, it means your version of Microsoft Paint or GIMP doesn’t support that function and you’ll have to download software for this (GIMP is free)

Follow the steps and generate easy memes

Paste the text onto the image. Click [CTRL]+L and edit the size to fit around the picture using [CTRL]+T. If you’re using Microsoft paint, here’s a guide on how to do that. STEP 5: Save your file as a PNG in GIMP (File > Export As). In Microsoft Paint, just click [Save], make sure not to save it as a JPEG because then none of the colors will be transparent and your picture won’t show up. Upload your finished product onto Imgur! You can put the direct link to your image into Reddit comments or Imgur posts.

After you finish downloading it, open up photoshop or any other image editing software that supports PNG files with transparent background (in this case: GIMP). You can see how the images look like in GIMP in my example about two pictures down. Now create a new layer above the downloaded image and fill it with black. Then set its blending mode to ‘Multiply’ when you’re done. This will altogether remove the white background behind our image to paste it onto another one later on to mix memes. Simply right-click the image you just downloaded and select “Open with GIMP” to open it up.

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Make your memes

If you are using Windows, select ‘Edit’ instead of opening it directly. The reason being is that when you open an image file directly with GIMP, there’s no chance for photoshop or any other program to open it as well – so only use the ‘Edit’ option if you have already installed another image editing program on your computer beside GIMP. Then hit CTRL+C once to copy the layer on top of your clipboard and then switch over to GIMP, where you can use CTRL+V to paste it into a new document window, which will create a new layer on its own.

When the new window pops up, you can simply hit CTRL+S to save it as a PNG file with the transparent background (make sure you selected this option). Now all that’s left is to rename it and move it into your favorite image folder. Create a new folder on the desktop for any memes I want to make so they are always easily accessible. After saving them, first make sure Windows show hidden files by opening your explorer.