Is Opqpike Legit? This blog will tell you whether you can trust this website or not. Check out the complete information to learn about the company’s service information and its reviews.

Do you love kayaking? Are you a fan of water sports, like kayaking? Are you considering buying an individual kayak? If so, this article will aid you.

Kayak can be quite expensive, which is why many have a hard time purchasing it. However, a portal called Opqpike provides kayak collections with a low price to make sure that everybody within Canadacan afford these without burdening the cost. However, Is Opqpike Legit? Let’s discover the answer.

Examining the legitimacy of Opqpike:

Don’t fall for the trap of “low price products. First examine whether the website’s service is trustworthy or not. It is always recommended to check the authenticity of a website since, in the present innocent individuals are victims of scams each and every day. This page contains information regarding this website.

  • Opqpike’s age: information about its age are not available, however in Whois data the date of last update is known and is March 2nd, 2022.
  • Trust Score: It’s 32 percent.
  • The Name of the Website Its name begins with ‘’
  • Comments: Opqpike Reviews are not available.
  • Broken Links: There is no non-clickable link is accessible.
  • Community Network: We found prominent Social Media icons in the website.
  • Missing Data: Number and address.
  • Payment Methods: You are able to pay online using a variety of modes.
  • Operator Data: The data indicates that “Fallein” as the operating.
  • Plagiarism 22% can be considered a comparable record, whereas 21% can be described as a pirate record.
  • Skipped Pages A single page is in the file.
  • Location Authentication: The location information is not present.

Based on the data it is clear that the store has a lot of flags. Therefore, further analysis is suggested.

How does the Opqpike store?

Opqpike is a shop that’s an online seller located on Canada But, Is Opqpike Legit? The store offers distinctive products from the genre of kayaks, paddle boats and boats in a wide variety for a the lowest price. The top menu Header with the words Kayak or Boat and Paddle Boat with Home tabs on the homepage. The entire collection by opening the tabs for categories.

But, you can also check out its catalog of products in the Home section as some items are displayed on the home page. When it comes to the description of the products each kayak or boat is given an extensive description that includes photos. The cost of each boat is minimal when it is compared to the actual cost and is a significant fact.

Specifications to Clear Opqpike Review :

  • The Shop’s URL is:
  • Physical Location Information There are no details available.
  • Email Details:
  • Official Number The number for customer support isn’t listed.
  • Cost of Transportation: An estimate is available during the time of the Gateway process.
  • Remarks: A single review is not included.
  • Time to Deliver: The logistics delivery time is anywhere from 15 to twenty-five business days. But, it could take longer as a result of the Covid-19.
  • Replacement Policy: This policy is in effect for products that have been damaged.
  • Return Facility: It is inactive after 14 days.
  • Refund Policy Within 3 to five days, the total amount is returned.
  • Does Opqpike appear to be Legit The site is not a reliable website.
  • Payment Methods: Visa, JCB, Discover, PayPal, Giro Pay and Pay with Trust Pay, Union Pay, American Express, etc.
  • Cancellation Policy: This policy can only be used when the shipping of the product isn’t completed. You must notify the authority prior to cancelling the order.


  • The shop has boats and kayaks.
  • The HTTPS connection is secure.
  • Different payment processes.
  • The price is very affordable.


  • Trust rating is low.
  • Fake community icons for media.
  • Address and reviews are missing.
  • It is not official. not present.
  • The price of the product is incredibly low.
  • The content of piracy is there.

Consuers’ comments on “Is Opqpike a legitimate source’ :

The shop is not featured on any of the weblogs that are external to it and its own portal on the web. We’ve tried the various platforms, but didn’t get any reviews.

The website shows the connection to other social platforms as Facebook YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram icons are displayed. However, these logos aren’t legitimate since they go back to the home page and not the Facebook account’s page. .

Final Verdict:

Then, at our final analysis, we discovered the shop’s authority has hidden a variety of information, such as address, age, phone number, etc. So, Is Opqpike Legit? It has a low trust score, there are no comments and fake social media logos and more. Therefore, it could be suspect.