Spinoffs and sequels exist in most games. For the reason that developing something new is definitely dangerous. Bandai Namco’s upcoming Scarlet Nexus RPG has surprised gamers around the world with its solid foundation, narrative and fun characters, and gameplay.

All-new anime action role-playing game merges animation, a powerful combat system, and visual novel style to make gamers feel fun and stylish to use. For anime enthusiasts who enjoyed “Fire Emblem”, the game is indeed a real hit.

It’s available and easily downloadable starting June 25, 2021. Let’s take a look at the metacritical reviews of the Scarlet Link.

What is Scarlet Nexus?

Scarlet Nexus is the recently launched action role-playing game by Bandai Namco which is readily available for PS4, PC, Xbox and Xbox Series X / S since June 25, 2021. The game beautifully merges styles of visual novel, anime with a Powerful combat system to help keep players around the world engaged.

The game allows players to choose from two different protagonists – Kasane Randall, the cold-blooded foster wife and also Yuito Sumeragi, a benevolent male character. Players must complete the role-playing experience by choosing between these two minifigures.

According to Scarlet Nexus metacritical reviews, Storyline 2 only features plot-level scenes, however, many main parts remain the same. The game is enticing and the two stories are very appealing. The 2 characters develop friendships using their teammates from various backgrounds.

The soldiers are trying to protect our planet and get rid of the monsters that tend to eat the human brain. The game begins by unraveling the mysteries regarding their unique world which players need to solve and complete the mission.

Scarlet Nexus – Game

Based on the metacritical reviews of Scarlet Nexus, the Scarlet Nexus game begins with a Never Land, New Himuka. The nation is under attack from a few man-eating creatures called “others.” They are sky monsters that are part of a phenomenon known as the Belt of Extinction.

The numbers use a power known as the “psionic hormone” contained in a person’s brain, also allowing them to develop supernatural forces, such as air manipulation and cryokinesis.

Players must choose from two protagonists, and each of them has their own role in the plot. They must protect our planet from monster attacks and get rid of monsters before they kill a human for their brain.

Do you know the metacritical reviews of Scarlet Nexus

After rating the sport on metacritic.com, we found many user reviews. The sport guaranteed a Metascore of 81 according to reviews.

Many game critics and developers appreciated the sport and rated it as the best game of the season. Scarlet Nexus is even considered the toughest contender for games in 2021.

Sports critics also said it was a complete blast and got better as it progressed. The story is amazing and the characters charming, and the fighting style is also clear to see and master.


Released on June 25, 2021, Scarlet Nexus has a lot of likes and comments from game critics around the Scarlet nexus metacritic site. You can download the sport into your gaming system as it is available nowadays for Xbox, PS4, and PC.

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