Sodo6789 online cockfight is always one of the attractive entertainment games that attract many attendees, especially mustaches who love this subject. Every day at the house, there are hundreds of different matches but still not enough to meet the needs of domestic and foreign brothers. In today’s article, let’s learn about this article in detail with Sodo Casino.

General information about online cockfighting

The current online cockfight is derived from the traditional cockfighting system. For a long time, the fighting game has become a traditional folk game that is loved and challenged in our country. Then, in the 4.0 period, the online fighting chicken form was officially born successfully.

Online cockfighting is a popular form of cockfighting chosen by many cockfighting enthusiasts today. It gradually becomes a prosperous action trend as technology is more and more developed and convenient compared to the traditional form of cockfighting.

If in Vietnam, you cannot participate in betting on cockfighting because it is considered a violation of the law, then in neighboring countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, etc., cockfighting is allowed. a legal activity. In the big arenas in these countries there are always dramatic cockfights with strong cocks.

The reason why the trend of Sodo6789 online cockfight is on the throne

At the Sodo house, every day the Cockfighting betting lobby receives thousands of visitors from all over the world. More and more players choose online cockfighting at our betting site for the following reasons:

Bet 24/7 anywhere

With the traditional form of cockfighting, you need to go to the venue to monitor and place bets, which is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. As for online cockfighting, you only need a smart device with an internet connection to monitor and place bets anytime, anywhere.

Personal information 100% secure

When participating in the Sodo6789 online cockfight, your personal information will be absolutely safe by the Sodo house. You will not need to worry about leaking personal information to local authorities and agencies.

Fast deposit and withdrawal of bets

After participating in online betting, if you win the bet, the bet will be immediately transferred to your account. If after that, the player does not want to continue playing, he can completely withdraw money to his bank account.

Basic Sodo6789 online cockfighting rules

Whether in traditional or modern form, to ensure fairness like many other cockfights, the online cockfighting rules also include the following 3 basic criteria:

Time of each round

Depending on the strength of the chickens, each round will be between 10 minutes and 15 minutes of fighting. The cocks will have a period of 5 minutes to be given water by the trainers and rest to regain strength after each round.

Weight and range

To ensure the balance of two chickens in an online cockfight match must have similar weight and shape. So the chickens will be checked for weight to split the match before entering the match and when fighting they must use the same type of spur.

Determine winner and loser

In a fight, the rooster is declared a loser when he does not deal with the opponent or is dealt too many blows without resisting. In addition, cocks that run away from the ring more than 3 times or are kicked to the death by the opponent will also be punished similarly.

Watch quality online cockfighting at Sodo6789

If you are still wondering where to watch cockfights or where, we suggest you can visit the Sodo website. Sodo bookie is pleased to be the place to provide dramatic live online cockfights from major cockfighting arenas in Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand,…

Coming to the Sodo bookie, you can watch live cockfighting matches in high definition. In addition, the participation in betting in each match is guaranteed to be fair and equal. You won’t need to worry about cheating between the cocks and the umpire to steal your bets.

Prestigious Sodo will stand to collect bets and divide bets after each match fairly. Winnings will be immediately transferred to your Sodo account. And in case you don’t want to play anymore, you can also withdraw money.


Above is the information shared about Sodo6789 online cockfight compiled and shared by our house. Hopefully, through this article, you have had a more comprehensive view of the professional cockfighting system Sodo Casino.