In 2004, the first podcast aired online, but the concept wouldn’t truly catch fire with listeners over a decade later. Now, podcasts dominate the iTunes charts, including YouTube and Spotify.

Nearly anyone with a passion for a topic can start a podcast. If you’d like to learn more about how to start your own podcast, click here. New podcasts are also welcome as listeners are always thirsty for new content, fresh insights, and captivating storylines.

Do you want to stay one broadcast ahead of your chart competitors?

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Think Like an Influencer

This first innovative marketing trend may catch some aspiring podcasters off-guard, but it’s an excellent opportunity to build a full-time podcasting career.

You can use your position (and platform) to generate multiple income streams as a podcaster. Podcast commercials are still viable, but you supercharge your income with sponsorships, branded merchandise, trip giveaways, meet and greets, etc.

However, there’s a catch; you have to start thinking like an influencer. This mindset begins with personal branding, just like any other business branding strategy.

Think about what makes your content (and voice) unique. Next, establish yourself as an authority in your podcast niche. Trust is paramount to your success as a podcaster, making it easier to generate sales from sponsorships, merch, online courses, and other digital products.

Take a natural approach to your goal. Focus on creating high-quality content while promoting it through the proper channels. Sponsors take notice of growth rates and quality when looking for sponsorship prospects.

Integrate Video Marketing Into Your Podcast Content Strategy

Podcasts are similar to audiobooks, painting vivid pictures for listeners without the help of a TV screen or monitor. Yet, many popular podcasts are also viewed on YouTube and Instagram, prompting the need for quality video production.

Not every podcast niche requires video production. You’ll discover many fiction podcasts that don’t have video streams. These podcasts typically tell a story, creating episodic adventures for listeners.

However, if you’re hosting a commentary or roundtable podcast, you’ll need video streams to attract (and engage) more audience members. Many listeners also want to view lively discussions, their favorite celebrity guests, and product demonstrations.

If you’re serious about growing your podcast, look into podcast companies that can produce high-quality video streams. You may need a whole studio makeover, complete with new booths, microphones, wall decor, and lighting design.

Engage Listeners With Giveaways

Not only do podcasts represent the future, but they’re also reminiscent of radio broadcasts. This nostalgia keeps listeners coming back for more while enjoying even more free “stations.”

Even better, podcasters can learn from traditional radio marketing. One of the most popular tactics is the classic giveaway. Listeners would race to the phone at a specified time in hopes of winning free concert tickets, cash prizes, and other rewards.

Podcasters can recreate that nostalgia by hosting regular giveaways. Instead of calling into the show, listeners can enter giveaways through the podcast’s website or social media, giving all audience members a chance to participate.

Supercharge Your Podcast Marketing Efforts

Don’t let your unique podcast content go to waste. Build your brand, invest in video production, and give back to your excellent listeners. Step outside your comfort zone to attract exciting (and lucrative) sponsorship deals!

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