A casino-themed party is great for anyone who is after that sense of old Hollywood glamor with some extra excitement thrown in. It is a great way to bring everyone you love together dressed up and ready to play games for the evening. If you are interested in hosting a casino-themed party soon then this guide is here to help you learn all that you need to know. 

Choose the Dress Code 

One of the first steps that you will need to take when organizing a casino-themed party is to decide how formal you want the event to be, and one of the best ways to do this is to decide on a dress code. Casinos can have a real sense of glamor about them, which means a more formal night can be a great choice. While a casual dress code might be a bit easier, there is a sense of fun about having an excuse to channel 1920s glamor with your outfit and decorations. 

Organize the Decorations 

Once you have decided on the style of the evening, and how formal or casual the night will be, it is time to start thinking about the decorations. A casino theme can be great as it provides you with a real direction for the decorations. You can look for fun casino-inspired props such as giant dice or other casino decorations. Alternatively, you could also go a little bit more themed with the decorations; for example, you could use a subtle black, red, and white color scheme. Alternatively, you could take inspiration from the James Bond Casino Royale movie, or have a roaring twenties, probation-themed night.

Create a Playlist 

Once you have worked out the direction you are going in terms of the theme it is time to make a playlist for the event. If you are going for a James Bond-themed night then you could take inspiration from the soundtrack of the Casino Royale movie. Alternatively, you could play some Las Vegas classics from Sinatra or Evils. You could also go for a more classic playlist of casino sounds that features smooth jazz and lounge music.

Choose the Games 

The games are, of course, a very important part of a casino-themed party. Card games are a great choice as they require very little equipment. Some of the most loved casino card games are poker and blackjack. If you feel like investing in some equipment you could get poker chips and a roulette table.

As www.freeextrachips.com explains, there are so many online casinos operating nowadays that there is no reason why you should be limited in your game offering. You can set up some stations for people to play online to make your game offering more versatile. 

Serve a Buffet-Style Menu 
When it comes to the food, offering a buffet-style menu is usually the best way to go. This way, your guests will be able to continue playing at their leisure and go and enjoy the food when it suits them best, which will avoid the game being interrupted.