Oban is noted for being a quaint town that is not as mesmerizing as some of the larger cities such as Glasgow or Edinburgh. However, there is a lot to enjoy in the region as long as you know what to look for and where to go.

Go To The McCaig’s Tower

McCaig’s tower is easy to spot when you are heading into the town of Oban. It was built over many years and it was set up by a man named John Stuart McCaig. This is how it got its name. The tower is easy on the eyes and it can be accessed by going up the hill. The signs are there for everyone to follow and offer a beautiful experience as you follow them. Some people like taking their car up to the park behind the tower and viewing it from there.

The best part about this tower is you are not going to have to pay anything to visit it. You can enter without paying anything. It also provides breathtaking views of the Sound of Kerrera. 

Go To The Oban Distillery

Everyone loves good whiskey and that is where the Oban Distillery stands out.

There are tours available throughout the year and they cost £22. This makes it easy to do a bit of taste testing while also getting to make the most of some world-class whisky. 

It is noted for being owned by a large drinks company and continues to be a staple for locals to enjoy. When it comes to a good drink, this is the place to be.

Stay at the Craobh Have Cottages

When it comes to enjoying a beautiful self-catering accommodation, it is time to look at what the Craobh Have Cottages have to offer. The views are immaculate and will be some of the most memorable ones you are going to get to see. For those who want to enjoy the value of their cottage and experience in Oban, this is the right place to stay on your visit. You are going to enjoy all of it and it will become unforgettable for all the right reasons.

There are also some amazing Oban hotel deals for a perfect base for your stay.

Oban Harbour

When it comes to beauty and being able to soak in what the region has to offer, it’s time to look at the Oban Harbour. You are going to enjoy the boats and ferries as they float around while also getting to experience the locals strolling around. Grab a bite near the waterfront and spend time walking around the pebble beach. It is an experience you are going to fall in love with.

If you are thinking about getting a dessert then it is time to grab an ice cream from The Pokey Hat. You can even enjoy vegan cakes from local cafes if that is what you are into. There is an option for everyone when you are at Oban Harbour.

Enjoy the Esplanade 

It is not just about going to Oban Harbour when it comes to the waterfront. It is also recommended to head over to the Esplanade of Oban. It is not going to be as busy here but it is an experience that is still breathtaking. The boats will be there and you will also get to soak in the local islands.

Lots of people spend time at the Oban War Memorial, Oban Chocolate Company and the Oban Peace & War Museum. 

Go To The Dunollie Castle

As you spend some time at the Esplanade, you are going to want to also enjoy the perks of the Dunollie Castle. This is appreciated for its historic presence in the region as it was the home of Clan MacDougall. The castle is not the same as it was back then but it is still historic due to how it was made. It offers a beautiful look at the history of the MacDougall family and how it relates to the castle.

While walking around, you can also spend time at the cafe or explore the trails.

You can visit the castle between April and October for £8.

It is not just this castle that is easy to enjoy in Oban. You are going to have access to numerous castles as long as you take the time to build a little itinerary for yourself.

You can put castles such as the Castle Stalker, Dunstaffnage Castle, Duart Castle, Inveraray Castle, and Kilchurn Castle on the list.