Covid-19 has literally turned the whole world upside down in these two years. Who would have known that one day, we all would have to face a lockdown and shit ourselves in homes? Millions of people have died to date because of this virus, and millions continue to suffer. However, with the introduction of different vaccines, there has been an improvement in the health care facilities. Since there has been improvement, and also the virus outbreak is now around 2 years old, people have now started taking it lightly, as compared to the early days when people used to sit in their homes, scared, and would think twice before stepping out of the house!

Although, it’s been a while since the covid-19 breakout, which doesn’t at all mean that you should stop following the mandatory protocols because the virus is still there! You never know, that one time you decide not to wear your mask in the public could be the time when you come in contact with the virus. 

Below are some steps that you should follow to ensure that you keep yourself saved from this virus which could turn deadly for you in no time. 

Wear Masks All The Time

It doesn’t matter where you are going, or for what time, even if it’s for two minutes that you step outside your house, wear a mask! Health care professionals emphasize wearing masks every day through different social media platforms, but many people don’t even bother to wear their protective equipment to keep themselves saved. Let it be clear that, by not wearing a mask, you are basically putting your health and the health of your loved ones at risk. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since the virus outbreak, the fact is that it’s still there, and the worst part is that, you never know if it’s in the air, or on the hands of the person you intend to shake hands with, or inside the water droplets of a person’s mouth who is sneezing in front of you. 

Follow Proper Hand Hygiene

Following proper hand hygiene is extremely important to stay safe as well as healthy. Let it be clear that your health is the most important asset of your life and that it shouldn’t be compromised for not wanting to spend some extra seconds to properly wash your hands. Covid is mostly spread through hands, and that is why health care professionals continue to stress this topic every day. Children in the home should be taught the proper way to perform hand hygiene as well. 

Keep Yourself Updated With Information

In order to prepare yourself to fight the different variants of Covid-19, you must keep yourself updated with the new variants that are coming. Keep a track of any new Covid-19 vaccines and boosters that are coming on the market, and make sure that get yourself vaccinated ahead of time. Spread awareness, share as many posts about Covid-19 information as possible. If you want help with your Covid-19 testing procedure, you can get Gardian Test Tracker