Pavlova is a traditional Australian dessert that isn’t difficult to make. Making this decadent, delicious, and creamy dessert yourself can be tough. Luckily, other alternatives are available. 

You can buy a pavlova base from a store for a quick dessert. Suppose you’re interested in making pavlova, this article will help you discover where to find a large pavlova base to buy.

What Is Pavlova Base?

Pavlova base, commonly referred to as meringue nest or meringue shell, is the meringue used to make a pavlova. The pavlova base is the nest that holds the pavlova toppings and fillings.

It’s egg whites mixed with sugar until hard peaks form, and the mixture is then baked in an oven for about 11 minutes. While they’re often made from scratch, you can also get some exceptional options from the store based on a meringue mix. 

A meringue mix contains all of the ingredients required to make a pavlova base, and some mixes even consist of the cream of tartar and eggs. The most familiar type of pavlova base comes from Australia, and it is usually white and has a sweet flavour.

Other common types of pavlova bases come from South Africa and New Zealand, and they tend to have a darker colour and aren’t as sweet as the Australian meringue. The meringue in the Pavlova base consists of granulated sugar, egg whites, cornflour, vanilla extract, white vinegar, or cream of tartar.

The eggs are beaten to create hard peaks before adding caster sugar moderately until everything in the meringue mixture is combined; this creates a breezy yet tough baked meringue on whipped cream resulting in fluffy peaks.

Finding the Best Large Pavlova Base to Buy 

Buying the best large pavlova base will help you stabilize your meringue. A flawlessly baked pavlova should look dry and pale, but a skewer deposited inside the meringue should come out with a thick, marshmallow-like consistency. If you aren’t sure how ready the pavlova is, turn the oven off, open the door and leave the meringue for up to an hour.

How to Find the Right Bakery to Buy a Large Pavlova Base

Now that you know how to find a large pavlova base to buy, it’s time to choose the right bakery for your needs. One of the first things you need to do when choosing a bakery is to check the location.

You want to ensure that they’re conveniently located to deliver their pavlova base to your location easily because they’ll be the ones to deliver this dessert to your place. Going through their online reviews will help you decide whether or not you’re dealing with a trusted supplier of baked items. 

It will also give you an idea of their products’ authenticity and customer service. Plus, you would know the other items the supplier is known for. Perhaps, they are also the best source of meringue kisses to buy for your dish in Australia.

When you buy a pavlova base or any other baked product for your food, you need to assess the payment options of the bakery; this is because you want to ensure that their payment options are flexible. It’d also provide you with practical information on their terms if there are issues with their items or the delivery as they arrive at your home.

Another reason to find pavlova shells to buy from a seller within your location is because you save time on transporting your product if there is an issue with the pavlova base. Choosing the right wholesale bakery is essential to getting the best items for your dish. 

Bottom Line

A large pavlova base to buy for your dessert is an essential item every Australian household should have. To get the best deals on these items, consider buying them from a reputable bakery. With the tips discussed above, you can effortlessly buy the right large pavlova base.