The holidays are a time for relaxing, having fun and gathering to enjoy some quality family time. Although they are extolled as a time for giving, there is also an inherent understanding that there is a fair bit of excess involved. For as much as you may give, you and your loved ones may also take in a lot, if not more.

One of the most enduring jokes associated with the holidays is the one where you acknowledge, with a self-deprecating smile, how much you’ve all indulged throughout and the effect it has on your waistline. There is always a comment about eliminating the holiday gains as soon as the new year comes around. And it is not a bad thing. The enjoyment you have and memories of merriment that you and your family make is much more valuable in the long run. However, some balance is more beneficial to your overall well-being.

So how do you attain said balance to keep the family fit over the holidays?

Don’t Stop Moving

Nothing says downtime like the holidays. The children are out of school, you may have some time off from work, and everyone is in vacation mode. In such situations, you may feel less compelled to keep up with your regular exercise routine. After all, what are a few missed sessions? You can always get back to it afterwards. However, taking an extended break is not advisable. Instead, it is better to keep up your training. In fact, working out or other physical activities are good digestion aids, so why not opt for a brisk family walk after those heavy meals instead of falling right into a food coma.

Maintain a proper eating schedule

If your body is used to a specific meal routine or the family has particular times for eating, try as much as possible to stick to them. Avoid skipping meals to make room for whatever is served at the holiday parties you attend. That will only lead you down the path of overeating. There, you risk discomfort and even lack of energy later on. Therefore, encourage your family to stick to their usual eating habits throughout the holidays with as few deviations as possible.

Get Creative

With your children away from school, they may not have access to their usual activity outlets, especially if they participate in sports. Getting them motivated to be active may be tricky or difficult. As a result, it falls to you to get creative. Find fun things to do that require some physical engagement and encourage them to join in. For starters, you can try going on walks together after dinner. Alternatively, why not spend time at a park where you can play games or even attempt new things.

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Plan Ahead

You must admit that going to school and work creates a routine that allows you to become programmed to a particular schedule. Therefore, when they are not a part of your day and the time opens up, you may tend to lose that structure altogether. Unfortunately, this loss means that the time you set aside for exercise might also get lost. To avoid falling into a situation where you are more likely to skip gym sessions or workout regimens, ensure that you plan ahead. If need be, create a timetable where you state when you have to exercise and stick to it. In addition, you can also do the same for your children.

Indulge Wisely

The most appealing thing about the holidays just might be the food you get to eat. However, maintaining some perspective may be in order. Remember that balance is essential. So steer away from having too much throughout the season. Instead, perhaps you can try establishing a code that allows you to enjoy your favourite holiday foods in reasonable amounts over a more limited period.

Finally, consider joining a local sports club. From here, you and your family can participate in group activities and access fitness equipment you may not have at home.

Fitness and holiday enjoyment do not have to be mutually exclusive. All you need to do is have a good plan and be conscious of your habits.