The fact that the children are in your place because of the lockout does not necessarily mean that they cannot learn. There are many educational apps that provide children with a fun and effective way to understand at home. The good thing is that you don’t have to break your budget to get these apps. Here are 10 educational apps that will help parents educate their children at home.

Discover CBeebies

Go Explore by CBeebies is the first of the best educational apps. This is probably the selection of BBC apps that offer educational value to young people. It offers cute visuals in addition to focusing on topics such as basic phonetics, geography, feelings and math. This educational application can also correspond to several television programs, in particular the programs of the parental channels in addition to the numbers.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is perhaps the second free app for young people. This app is suitable for kids of all age groups, but it comes with programs perfect for kids 2-7 years old. Khan Academy Kids includes a large and growing archive of e-books, learning videos and interesting exercises. Some of the topics covered include emotional and social skills, studies and math.

Educate your monster to see

As the name suggests, Educate your monster to see is certainly an educational application that allows you to continuously educate the training in alphabets in addition to studying. Although it is dangerous for children to educate their peers in literacy, you can educate a personalized monster. This educational app is really a personal and effective way to produce a monster in addition to educating it to see, it’s a good way to learn.

Montessori Nursery School

Montessori Preschool is yet another great educational app for students who want to learn in your own home all through the lock. When you pay a regular monthly subscription, your children will have access to a multitude of lessons and courses, including phonics and math. Montessori Preschool goes beyond classic applications with the addition of new additions, for example music and coding training.

Kingdom of Peppa Pig

Realm of Peppa Pig is really a subscription learning app that depends on the popular preschool character with the TV show nicknamed Peppa Pig. With this particular app, you can have fun with many educational and fun games to learn by studying storytelling, counting and recognition games. This app will work to teach children about the world and existence.


The British company Hopster calls its application “educational television for children”. That means the app includes Bob the builder, Sesame Street and Pingu, Fireman Mike and Thomas the Tank Engine. As the education application is not free, the value you will get from it is very important.

YouTube Kids

This is one of the best learning apps for kids because it offers a good way to watch their favorite shows. YouTube Kids, created and curated for children, includes entertainment content and academic videos that enhance and stimulate youthful minds. Furthermore, this application helps children understand more about anything that captures their imagination.


Finally in this list of the best educational applications is Duolingo. This is not just a popular and fun method of learning languages ​​through which children study at school. This educational app has over 30 languages ​​that children can learn, including Hindi, Hebrew, Welsh, and Arabic. This app is free, but if you want to remove ads, you can make in-app purchases that also unlock additional features.


Understandably, mobile app development is revolutionary within the education industry. Moms allow their children to use the above educational app to learn and improve their skills.