The following trends are those that have taken the vaping lifestyle sector by storm, and these are expected to be the next big things in vaping. Vaping is fast becoming a growth lifestyle sector and as such there are a number of growing trends to be aware of and to keep you informed.

  • CBD is the next Wellness trend in vaping

It has become heavily advertised and the trend is now for vaping liquid to include CBD and as such you need to know exactly what CBD vaping is and how it works. It’s like anything else  you vape; you want to know as much as possible about the liquid as you can and ensure it’s from a genuine source. The CBD trend has taken off on a big way and by all accounts and the predominant online views and feedback, is that for those looking for a calming and relaxing experience it may be something to consider.

  • The smaller the better

The vape has become smaller and more efficient, no longer do you need a separate bag to carry around your vape. Look for the smaller, sleeker versions of your favorite vape, and you will be surprised at how small and how much more well designed the newer vapes are. Keep in mind that it’s entirely about how efficient the vaporizer is, so although the design is going to be important, ensure that you check the performance levels, so you know what to expect.

  • Greener vaping…less throwaways

Both from a battery point of view or from a sustainability angle, the trend is for vapes to be greener and more environmentally friendly. There has been talk in the sector as to the latest vapes being able to run off your smart phone battery and thus no longer require their own battery or the need to charge. Furthermore, look for the vapes that are recyclable or can be broken down into their constituent parts. The trend is to stay away from the one-hit-wonders and vapes that only last a few sessions and instead look for the hardier and more sustainable models, with interchangeable components and the ability to repair, clean and thus keep the vape device for as long as you want to .

  • A wider variety of flavors

The more research and development that has gone into the vape industry has led to some of the most interesting and refreshing flavors. The trend is for simple yet sophisticated blends, with cherries and citrus notes being at the top of the choice list alongside realistic tobacco flavors. Flavors are always a matter of choice and will be different for everyone but be prepared to try some refreshing blends and you could be pleasantly surprised.

As vaping grows and the market expands there is a great deal more finance going into vape research and development and as such it is an everchanging environment at present. It is articles such as this one that will serve to keep you as informed as possible and in the know with regards to what’s available and what’s hot at the moment.