A defense attorney also referred to as a defense lawyer or a criminal defense lawyer is a legal practitioner that represents a defendant (the person to whom the criminal charges were leveled). Defense attorneys handle the lawsuits from case analysis to evidence collection, legal representation, and court defense. They are trained and licensed legal practitioners that can handle various criminal cases. This Mesa criminal defense lawyer also offers support, and counsel, and treats their clients with respect.

A defendant can either hire a criminal defense lawyer directly or the court can assign a lawyer for the case (if the defendant can’t afford a private attorney). Most of these lawyers are public defenders appointed by federal, state, or local courts. Some other criminal defense lawyers operate their independent law firms and can be hired privately. Private defense lawyers earn more because they deal with individuals directly. In contrast, public defenders receive lower payments because they get paid by the public defender’s office. 

Typically, most private defense lawyers start out as public defenders. 

What Is The Job Description Of A Criminal Defense Attorney

Here are some of the tasks that a criminal defense lawyer performs;

Case Analysis

When a defense lawyer is requested or hired to handle a case, they start by scheduling a consultation session with their clients. During the consultation, the defense lawyer will listen to the defendant to get detailed information about the case. They ask the defendant a series of questions to carefully outline the weaknesses and strengths of the case. The information will guide them in developing a strategy for the defense of their client.

Case Investigation

A defense lawyer doesn’t stop at questioning the defendant, they also conduct further investigation into the case. They check out police reports, question the police officers and witnesses, and gather relevant information needed to build a strong defense for their client. A criminal defense lawyer also analyzes evidence given by expert witnesses such as medical practitioners. 

Criminal defense lawyers have the right to hire private investigators to dig deeper into the case to find evidence that can bolster their defense. 

In addition, defense lawyers are permitted to review and analyze the prosecution’s case before it gets to the jury.

Evidence Review and Analysis

Once the evidence is available to the defense lawyer, they begin to analyze the evidence carefully to find facts related to the case. 

In addition, a criminal defense lawyer gathers all the evidence that can be used against their clients and then builds a strong defense to tackle the incriminating evidence.

Continuous support and contact with the defendant

When a criminal defense lawyer takes on a case, they keep their clients in the loop. They ensure that the clients understand the progress of the case and they encourage their clients all through the case. Also, a defense lawyer makes sure that every conversation with their clients is strictly confidential and informs their clients of the possible outcome of the case.

Plea Bargaining

Another task that a defense lawyer performs is plea bargaining. They negotiate with prosecutors concerning their clients and try to secure a good bargain for the defendant. A criminal defense lawyer’s relentless work towards getting a reduction in penalties for their clients.

Jury Members Selection

A defense lawyer can participate in the selection of jury members. They try to suggest members that can be of help in the final sentencing of the case. A defense lawyer can also suggest the removal of a jury member that can be biased when giving a judgment.

How To Choose A Defense Attorney

Before you employ the services of a defense attorney, endeavor to consider the following tips;


An experienced defense attorney will understand how the justice system works in your location. They have handled cases that are similar to yours and they’ve sharpened their skills over the years. An experienced defense attorney can use their skills to maneuver the case in the favor of their clients

License and Accreditation

A criminal defense attorney requires a license before they can offer legal services to their clients. Ensure that you ask for the license of a potential defense attorney before hiring one.


Another thing that can help in your search for a reputable defense attorney is recommendations or referrals. If you have colleagues, friends, or family who has hired a defense attorney in the past, you can ask them to recommend a good defense lawyer. However, before working with a highly recommended defense lawyer, endeavor to do your due diligence by conducting further background checks. Check the website for the lawyer for reviews from previous clients or contact the bar association to get reviews about the lawyer.