Ever since the introduction of algebra, the letter X has been used as a placeholder for taking up any value. In the context of mobile app businesses, today we have a concept called Uber for X. This leads us to explore what “Uber” means and what the X is all about.

Why entrepreneurs aspire to start a business with the Uber for X app?

What did Uber do?

The biggest challenge in most service-oriented businesses was the gap that lay between the demand and the supply. For example, people could want a cab to travel from one place to another desperately. However, if they cannot see the cab at that time, it is quite frustrating. On the flip side, that might be a cab driver wanting to get at least one ride to meet their needs. But if the driver cannot see the prospect of passengers, they tend to lose that learning opportunity.

The best, or rather the worst part, is that these two people could be just a couple of streets away, and they still miss out on meeting each other. Uber, however, solved this challenge by bringing two pieces of innovation together. One was an online profile that identified a user and the other was the GPS which helped precisely zero down on the location of the person who needed service.

What Uber cracked open was not just a code for the taxi business but almost every service business. This business model has proliferated both vertically and horizontally across every possible realm of services.

Factors to consider during Uber for X app development

The Uber for X would mean that a single template could fit any service business into the technological framework. While this statement can be considered technically correct, there are a few factors that you need to consider been in respecting this from a business point of view.

The year 2020 was a game-changer for multiple businesses and it has also taught a lot of valuable lessons that entrepreneurs need to consider. In addition, it has given directions on the best businesses that entrepreneurs can invest in.

You have to keep in mind, certain factors that can help you choose the best business stream for your Uber for X. It is to be remembered that the skeleton remains the same for all the services. While technology will not be an issue because of the availability of white-label solutions, the market, operational capacities, and the possible hurdles will influence the business you will need to go for when launching your own Uber for X app.

Market survey:

Some businesses are still untapped in terms of the connection being established between the service provider and the consumer. Even more, there are possibilities that both the users and service providers do not even know that such a market exists.

By gathering statistics from reliable sources and thorough market research, you can find these gaps and pitch your product with the right message for the right segment.

The profitability:

When we talk about profitability, we will need to look at things in a very holistic fashion. So, for example, there might be a few business segments that have a lot of need, but there might be uncertainties with regards to the payment and the quality measurement is quite difficult to standardize.

Therefore, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that there is a steady supply of quality service providers without any uncertainty associated with the processing of payments. You can either go for a business that does not have many numbers but gives a lot of profit and the converse of it.

Capital affinity:

Not every business idea can attract investments and funds from venture capitalists. Based on the market and profitability, any investor would quickly measure their possibilities by recovering their returns on the investment. Some of these segments have already been tried and tested, like the taxi app and the food delivery app. Some Business segments have exhibited great potential for profitability. But these investors’ hesitation in stepping into unexplored business territories stops them from investing in those.

As a business owner, and especially if you are someone who seeks investments for your business,. You will also need to ensure that this part is effectively addressed.

It can be inferred that it all comes down to the revenue model and its sustainability and scalability. Before you venture into any Uber for X, you will need to question the purchasing power of your target customers and if they will use the services provided.

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Most lucrative segments to know before you develop the Uber for X app

Based on some research, it can be inferred that some businesses have exhibited a greater potential for profit.

Uber for tutor:

The landscape of learning has drastically changed after the COVID-19 crisis. Schools have shut down and it has been quite difficult for students to learn with just the usual classroom. Parents, in an endeavor to strengthen their children’s academic excellence or hiring tutors who can teach them remotely on an individual basis. This is the right time for any business owner to start an online learning app that follows the Uber model.

Uber for health care:

Just like education, even the way in which people avail of healthcare services has changed. That has been an increase in awareness regarding general health, and people have developed an aversion towards visiting hospitals and clinics because of the possibilities of contracting the viral disease. With an Uber for healthcare application, a business owner can not only ensure that the appointments are properly scheduled but even go ahead and provide remote medical consultation.

Uber for fitness:

This business goes in line with the previous one. General fitness is instrumental in strengthening your immunity. With an Uber for fitness app, people can avail the services of a fitness trainer and engage in proper workouts tailored to achieve a fitness goal like weight loss. This business also ensures that fitness trainers who have lost their livelihood because of the closure of gymnasiums can earn their revenues.

Uber for laundry:

Laundry is one of the boring things that people do. It also accounts for time not spent productively, especially for working people when they are working from home. With an Uber for laundry, it becomes easy for them to manage their clothing and its maintenance. It is possible for people to schedule a pick-up, get the work done, and get freshly pressed clothes delivered to their doorstep.

Uber for home services:

A lot of people have let go of their domestic help because of health and safety concerns. However, this has created an alternate need for professional cleaning and home maintenance services. An Uber can adequately address this need for home services. The app/business can also bring in factors like the assurance of safety and compliance with hygiene standards.


As we have already seen, the skeleton of the Uber for X has been found to be similar for most apps. This would mean that you can easily use a white-labelled Uber for X script solution for launching your Uber app for almost every service.

The availability of the Uber for X script makes it easy for you to customize and garnish the app with the right features. All you need to do is get in touch with the company that specializes in the app development and creation of Uber for X app script. They will take care everything from understanding your requirements to presenting you with a perfect solution that will help you launch your on-demand app business in the shortest possible time!