E-commerce has undeniably expanded at an unprecedented rate in the last few years. However, just because more people are interested in shopping online doesn’t mean every eCommerce initiative will succeed.

For instance, unforeseen supply shortages over the same period sharply reduced customer loyalty. Buyers also like to purchase from sellers that offer more than just good deals and evident values. Additionally, buyers rely on eCommerce websites like Walmart due to the efficacy loss brought on by physical store marketing strategies during the pandemic. Consumers also depend on guidance at all stages of the marketing funnel—the phases of assessment, knowledge, and purchase. 

Consumers depend on enhanced content to make informed judgments no matter where they shop. Your clients may access visually enhanced product information with the integration of rich media on your product listings, which not only improves their shopping experience but also prepares the path for you to begin developing relationships with them.

Thus, the Walmart Marketplace will continue to expand and flourish, and more and more people will browse the online store’s product pages. Sellers should expect both more opportunity and more competition.

How to Stand Out as a Seller at Walmart

To stand out as a retailer at Walmart, Walmart content enrichment is the answer.

Customers will visit Walmart Marketplace’s pages more frequently as it develops and expands. But as opportunity grows, competition also proliferates. Walmart is the top choice for most sellers looking to expand to a second marketplace, according to a Feedvisor study.

Enhanced brand content for Walmart gives merchants an edge over their rivals by enabling them to create listings that stand out due to additional rich media, including banners, supplemental images, videos, comparison tables, descriptions, interactive product tours, and more. 

One of the finest methods to give listings more compelling media, which is sorely lacking, is to utilize enhanced brand content for Walmart. Going above and beyond what Walmart demands of you helps your customers recognize your products as unique and enables you to help them picture your products in their everyday lives. 

But before we get to the benefits of enhanced content, let’s cover the basics.

What is “Enhanced Content”

Enhanced content goes further than the typical elements of an item page. It enables a brand to express the essential message regarding its product. Examples of enhanced content include videos, comparative charts, downloadable documents, and endless customizability using a brand’s assets. 

  • Video Integration: Here, instructional and ‘How-to’ videos should be rotated together with clips unique to a campaign.
  • Comparison Chart: This allows for introducing new products on highly visited websites while highlighting their range and distinguishing qualities.
  • Primary Enhanced Experience: The blank canvas is the finest place to exchange personalized messages and facilitate communication. It’s critical to distinguish Walmart from the typical “one among many” mindset.
  • Download Section: For branded instructions, manuals, and recipes, this file is ideal for any kind of download. 

Sellers can create enhanced brand content for Walmart that attracts clients using the examples of enhanced content mentioned above, conduct digital marketing campaigns, and rotate seasonal content. 

Defining Walmart Rich Media

As consumer purchasing patterns accelerate, businesses are forced to change how they engage with clients online. Walmart content enrichment is a crucial tool at its disposal to ensure this. A+ content, as defined by Walmart.com, is also known as rich media. This kind of material assists businesses in differentiating themselves from their rivals by offering the kinds of shopping experiences clients demand. 

Improved content experiences, such as 360-degree image spins, photo galleries, comparison charts, graphics, and videos, allow sellers to engage with customers more effectively and tell a brand’s compelling story and value right from the product page. The ability of this information to stimulate consumer curiosity and promote additional purchases is outstanding.  

Though you may already be aware of them, here are some more benefits that Walmart content enrichment provides for both merchants and customers:  

Customer Engagement

We are all aware that when social media predominates over other forms of communication, consumers are greatly influenced by the content offered. This is especially true for Walmart.com, where 88% of visitors engage with the site’s content before making a purchase.

Sellers only have a little window of time to grab the customer’s attention and explain the “why” behind their product or service before they click away. Businesses can use enhanced content to give clients the helpful information they’re seeking in an easily accessible method. 

Increased Conversions

According to Walmart, using enhanced content frequently results in conversion improvements of 10% to 20%. This happens because providing customers with appealing content in your product listings attracts them and maintains their interest, boosting listing engagement and extending page stay time.

Enhanced content will impact your rating on the search engine results page (SERP). It will elevate your listing, putting it in front of more users from the perspective of search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, more buyers see and click on your product listing and browse your page for a longer time, and buy more due to the enhanced content.


The enhanced content on Walmart attracts and converts viewers into customers by giving them access to high-quality content that fully informs them about the product they’re about to purchase. 

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