For many couples, date night happens once a week, although some have them more frequently or further apart. Some date nights require a great deal of planning, dressing up, and expense. These date nights should be left for important celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and very special occasions. 

However, this does not mean that you cannot have a date night where you can be comfortable wearing your jeans and favorite hoodie. For these just as enjoyable date nights, you may want to feel relaxed in your surroundings, and so the venues you may choose to visit could be different from the venues mentioned above.

#1 Out for a Meal

For instance, you may still want to go out for a meal at a location that offers a relaxed atmosphere or for that matter, decide to have a takeout and a cozy evening indoors, with just the two of you. Places that offer pizza and kebabs generally offer both of these options. So, you still get to enjoy your favorite topping on your pizza or filling in your kebab, but do not have to leave the warmth and comfort of your home to do so.

#2 To the Movies

If you find that there is nothing on TV or that there is a particularly good movie featuring at the theatre, you could go and enjoy a bucket of popcorn or a corndog (maybe both) at your local movie venue. 

Some movies are better viewed on a big screen and in the company of others, such as those from the Marvel or Star Wars franchises. Although there is generally no audience participation whatsoever, there is something in the atmosphere when the ‘big bad’ is receiving their just desserts or there is an amusing moment being enjoyed. 

#3 A Walk Along the Shoreline

However, there are times when you cannot find what you want to watch at the movies, or the weather is too nice to stay indoors. On these occasions, it may be worthwhile taking a walk along your local shoreline either along a beach or a lake and take time to watch the sunset over the horizon together. 

Accompany this with your favorite beverage – either warm or bubbly – and a soft blanket to sit on and you could very well find that this is the perfect evening in the calm, stillness as the stars start to appear.

To Wrap It All Up

On your regular date nights, you do not have to spend a fortune or get so dressed up that you feel uncomfortable and not yourself throughout the evening. You may find that the best ones are the ones where you can be yourself, take time to enjoy each other’s company, and relax. An evening star-lit stroll followed by a good movie on TV and a particularly nice pizza could be your idea of heaven on earth, especially if you and your partner have the same tastes and are like-minded.