With rising inflation and an unstable supply chain, people are worried about their future. There are several ways to secure what you have. One is to have a diversified portfolio. This should consist of more than just your 22Bet login records.

The current trend is to invest in cryptocurrencies. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BNB, however, these are not considered stable and are very difficult to predict. Others believe more in NFTs or traditional stocks. 

And still, others want to buy something that will not lose much of its previous value. One of them is real estate. Of course, it is expensive to buy even one apartment. It is even more expensive if you live in cities like Paris, London or Munich. Real estate prices have been rising for years. It has already become difficult to find an affordable rental apartment. The competition for such apartments is enormous. It can take years before you find something you like and can rent. 

But there are some advantages to finally having your own apartment. You either do not have to pay rent anymore or you can be the landlord yourself. People make a lot of money renting out their second homes. Thanks to websites like Airbnb. Also, if you need a loan from the bank, you are a better candidate if you own a property. 

But it all depends on your situation. This is certainly not an ad hoc decision. It will take you a long time to either find the right place or have enough money.